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Site guide

The City of Cape Town's website has been designed to reflect the nature of the work and
services we provide. It aims to make local government accessible to the residents of Cape Town by facilitating two-way communication about services and the political processes that affect them. We sincerely hope that it also creates a pleasant and useful place for all audiences to obtain information.


Should you experience any difficulty viewing the site or encounter any non-functional parts within it, please let us know by e-mailing us. Our e-mail address is:  A number of documents on this site are offered in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), and to view and print these you will need Adobe Acrobat. This is freely available from the Adobe website, and where appropriate on this site, a link will be displayed.

Home page 

The home page is designed to reflect information that is current and relevant and our latest news. City News is published as and when information of a broader interest becomes available. The left hand Home page navigation button reflects links to some of the most commonly sought information or services pages and our current campaign websites.


The menu on the left hand side of each page provides context-sensitive links (for example, if you are on the Electricity page, the links will pertain to electricity-oriented services).  You can also search the entire content of the site, including the content of documents available on the site.  The Services & Departments page lists links to pages about key services we provide. 

Feedback form 

Your feedback enables us to know what you think of our website and provides valuable
information regarding any perceived shortcomings.  Please click here to complete our form. Any other service queries are routed to the relevant operational centres, details of which are on the useful contacts page.

Who maintains our website? 

The site is entirely maintained by City of Cape Town personnel, spread over many departments.
The departments are responsible for developing and maintaining their own subsites with the
assistance of skilled Information Services and Technology and Communication Department personnel. This decentralised approach aligns with our aim of creating an internet site that is well maintained and dynamic.

© City of Cape Town, 2016