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Arts and Culture DepartmentArts and Culture Department
Budget DepartmentBudget Department
City Health DirectorateCity Health Directorate
City Manager City Manager
City Parks DepartmentCity Parks Department
Councillor Support and Subcouncils DepartmentCouncillor Support and Subcouncils Department
Customer Relations DepartmentCustomer Relations Department
Development Information and GIS DepartmentDevelopment Information and GIS Department
Disaster Risk Management Centre Disaster Risk Management Centre
Economic Development DepartmentEconomic Development Department
Electricity DepartmentElectricity Department
Employment Equity DepartmentEmployment Equity Department
Environmental Resource Management (ERM) DepartmentEnvironmental Resource Management (ERM) Department
Events DepartmentEvents Department
Executive Services DepartmentExecutive Services Department
Expenditure DepartmentExpenditure Department
Fire and Rescue Service Department Fire and Rescue Service Department
Forensics, Ethics and Integrity DepartmentForensics, Ethics and Integrity Department
Human Resources DepartmentHuman Resources Department
Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Organisational Performance Management DepartmentIntegrated Development Plan (IDP) and Organisational Performance Management Department
Integrated Risk Management DepartmentIntegrated Risk Management Department
International Relations DepartmentInternational Relations Department
Law Enforcement and Security DepartmentLaw Enforcement and Security Department
Legal Services DepartmentLegal Services Department
Library and Information Services DepartmentLibrary and Information Services Department
Media OfficeMedia Office
Metro Police DepartmentMetro Police Department
New Market Development DepartmentNew Market Development Department
Office of the Executive Mayor Office of the Executive Mayor
Place Marketing DepartmentPlace Marketing Department
Planning and Building Development Management DepartmentPlanning and Building Development Management Department
Public Emergency Communication Centre 107Public Emergency Communication Centre 107
Revenue DepartmentRevenue Department
Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate
Solid Waste Management DepartmentSolid Waste Management Department
Spatial Planning and Urban Design DepartmentSpatial Planning and Urban Design Department
Sport and Recreation DepartmentSport and Recreation Department
Strategic Assets Department Strategic Assets Department
Supply Chain Management (SCM) DepartmentSupply Chain Management (SCM) Department
Tourism DepartmentTourism Department
Trade and Investment DepartmentTrade and Investment Department
Traffic Services DepartmentTraffic Services Department
Transport for Cape Town (TCT) AuthorityTransport for Cape Town (TCT) Authority
Treasury DepartmentTreasury Department
Valuations DepartmentValuations Department
Water and Sanitation DepartmentWater and Sanitation Department