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Activities and programmes
Water and Sanitation DepartmentGP0|#ad37857b-6e6c-448f-848b-055b416f6172;L0|#0ad37857b-6e6c-448f-848b-055b416f6172|water demand management;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#5ad38c28-a659-4947-8e55-53d5936de02e;L0|#05ad38c28-a659-4947-8e55-53d5936de02e|water management services;GP0|#1e73a03c-2779-493f-a91b-50fe8970c9b4;L0|#01e73a03c-2779-493f-a91b-50fe8970c9b4|sanitation services;GP0|#5d92a457-4fc0-4eea-b710-4ba7537c3dd3;L0|#05d92a457-4fc0-4eea-b710-4ba7537c3dd3|Water management device;GP0|#e90b5501-d899-4848-a2e7-3dc910abb5bb;L0|#0e90b5501-d899-4848-a2e7-3dc910abb5bb|water quality management;GP0|#8f0aed5b-4ba7-472c-92c5-c1c5bc737567;L0|#08f0aed5b-4ba7-472c-92c5-c1c5bc737567|water restrictions;GP0|#6c7b2dca-5ce3-4906-bc42-b0961c4333b6;L0|#06c7b2dca-5ce3-4906-bc42-b0961c4333b6|water services;GP0|#3d48f3aa-ea54-43d0-97c0-96a9d11d3024;L0|#03d48f3aa-ea54-43d0-97c0-96a9d11d3024|sewer network;GP0|#d03054f7-2f06-4482-a607-fa4c0dfee586;L0|#0d03054f7-2f06-4482-a607-fa4c0dfee586|Utility services;GP0|#d99d1ebb-c947-465c-8505-554500fdddbd;L0|#0d99d1ebb-c947-465c-8505-554500fdddbd|potable water;GP0|#40fae32e-592f-4fca-8de1-5c3ebc94136a;L0|#040fae32e-592f-4fca-8de1-5c3ebc94136a|meter reading;GP0|#b1001203-6617-4993-8107-4871a2e6aa24;L0|#0b1001203-6617-4993-8107-4871a2e6aa24|scientific services;GP0|#a9dee0b3-e47a-4008-ac5e-3674b605c1b5;L0|#0a9dee0b3-e47a-4008-ac5e-3674b605c1b5|wastewater system;GP0|#cb4ec3d5-69e0-48d5-834d-69b0850e4b03;L0|#0cb4ec3d5-69e0-48d5-834d-69b0850e4b03|water installation;GP0|#bfbcd1ff-7345-4ed6-92ef-4aefa57bf212;L0|#0bfbcd1ff-7345-4ed6-92ef-4aefa57bf212|wayleaves;GP0|#8fc58e15-8bcd-468f-b872-1e42c1feecbc;L0|#08fc58e15-8bcd-468f-b872-1e42c1feecbc|application
Library and Information Services DepartmentGP0|#1f61ec30-8889-4114-8411-a3ee8477bc1b;L0|#01f61ec30-8889-4114-8411-a3ee8477bc1b|Libraries;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#15a238d5-9c3f-4b92-8afe-0a94c12abc2f;L0|#015a238d5-9c3f-4b92-8afe-0a94c12abc2f|youth programmes;GP0|#94f093be-895d-4918-90c0-ce6de0dafbd3;L0|#094f093be-895d-4918-90c0-ce6de0dafbd3|Skills development;GP0|#371aca0c-30df-4276-b952-99fc5b47b3ef;L0|#0371aca0c-30df-4276-b952-99fc5b47b3ef|Library services;GP0|#3ccd3ca8-9e03-465d-b3f1-273b74000155;L0|#03ccd3ca8-9e03-465d-b3f1-273b74000155|Smart Cape;GP0|#5560faac-dee8-4ad9-bcba-042a2e91be64;L0|#05560faac-dee8-4ad9-bcba-042a2e91be64|mobile libraries
Submit a service request online (C3)
Fire and Rescue Service Department GP0|#f2b99fd6-37b1-4590-aace-f5152355d1c1;L0|#0f2b99fd6-37b1-4590-aace-f5152355d1c1|Fire services;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#60f2ecfc-5cbd-484a-bd2c-66c3aac9ccd0;L0|#060f2ecfc-5cbd-484a-bd2c-66c3aac9ccd0|fire brigade;GP0|#7d67a580-0f74-4c79-8abc-218350f90617;L0|#07d67a580-0f74-4c79-8abc-218350f90617|fire station;GP0|#46028cc0-d905-4d0d-b93d-2474492d4e36;L0|#046028cc0-d905-4d0d-b93d-2474492d4e36|Emergency call;GP0|#ff4292df-e4cb-4133-95d5-e9035896836c;L0|#0ff4292df-e4cb-4133-95d5-e9035896836c|emergency services;GP0|#30ed7e10-4c9b-499f-a30c-3cdc3fc9e6c8;L0|#030ed7e10-4c9b-499f-a30c-3cdc3fc9e6c8|Safety and Security Directorate;GP0|#0d8e6bd3-01a1-42b8-8f93-d87f4e7dadae;L0|#00d8e6bd3-01a1-42b8-8f93-d87f4e7dadae|search and rescue;GP0|#50532c45-566c-4d78-ad56-b170edc4d419;L0|#050532c45-566c-4d78-ad56-b170edc4d419|fire and life officers;GP0|#4dcb0ae7-f7de-4e45-ba19-c0ee87eaa35d;L0|#04dcb0ae7-f7de-4e45-ba19-c0ee87eaa35d|command and control staff;GP0|#0645d8ae-4b73-4d4a-a7a9-341605e31e29;L0|#00645d8ae-4b73-4d4a-a7a9-341605e31e29|fire prevention;GP0|#e05a2606-05ba-4ef0-a872-bdef1bb73997;L0|#0e05a2606-05ba-4ef0-a872-bdef1bb73997|fire inspections;GP0|#05d652f7-6778-4511-a8fd-de1af7f52c56;L0|#005d652f7-6778-4511-a8fd-de1af7f52c56|hazardous materials;GP0|#f58faf55-8582-420e-ac46-eeb2f05bc6e6;L0|#0f58faf55-8582-420e-ac46-eeb2f05bc6e6|firefighter
Electricity Generation and Distribution DepartmentGP0|#f99e33ee-e68d-432c-9212-7baa2b129e1f;L0|#0f99e33ee-e68d-432c-9212-7baa2b129e1f|municipal service;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#5ca4d0f8-d954-4f76-b971-02dd94168205;L0|#05ca4d0f8-d954-4f76-b971-02dd94168205|utility service;GP0|#78ef77bd-ec89-4ecd-859e-699c88406437;L0|#078ef77bd-ec89-4ecd-859e-699c88406437|power supply;GP0|#15fe4006-3e63-4153-a48f-937a805d04f5;L0|#015fe4006-3e63-4153-a48f-937a805d04f5|planned outages;GP0|#be0d8956-cdb7-4809-be87-0ec2558803fa;L0|#0be0d8956-cdb7-4809-be87-0ec2558803fa|billing system;GP0|#40fae32e-592f-4fca-8de1-5c3ebc94136a;L0|#040fae32e-592f-4fca-8de1-5c3ebc94136a|meter reading;GP0|#f1032b58-94ee-4ddd-91bb-947149d777a1;L0|#0f1032b58-94ee-4ddd-91bb-947149d777a1|prepayment meter;GP0|#9b890b8d-9aea-40ec-9409-1d5794d35515;L0|#09b890b8d-9aea-40ec-9409-1d5794d35515|vendors;GP0|#8d25a44c-752c-4a86-bc47-c45a7cc51a26;L0|#08d25a44c-752c-4a86-bc47-c45a7cc51a26|Load shedding;GP0|#51472587-ca96-439b-b635-6bbe41cca04a;L0|#051472587-ca96-439b-b635-6bbe41cca04a|public lighting;GP0|#2be3882b-f597-49c7-8aa7-cdec50a5e39f;L0|#02be3882b-f597-49c7-8aa7-cdec50a5e39f|power station;GP0|#47a77d4c-1397-445d-8bec-584d00997158;L0|#047a77d4c-1397-445d-8bec-584d00997158|athlone gas turbine;GP0|#0e994e93-10d7-4d22-9cd5-ea3dd0048ffe;L0|#00e994e93-10d7-4d22-9cd5-ea3dd0048ffe|prepaid electricity;GP0|#f1632294-9271-4238-8f55-ec26d4425c63;L0|#0f1632294-9271-4238-8f55-ec26d4425c63|distribution network;GP0|#c939220c-f64a-463e-82d5-22b9981ccb0e;L0|#0c939220c-f64a-463e-82d5-22b9981ccb0e|Eskom;GP0|#ed0af64f-46ea-4682-8bef-ddaf2887c6b2;L0|#0ed0af64f-46ea-4682-8bef-ddaf2887c6b2|Electricity Generation and Distribution Department



Mayor’s fund disperses more than R500 000 over three months to special causes, residents in needThe Mayor’s Special Fund paid out R533 360 to various organisations and individuals between April and June 2017<p>​As part of this administration’s commitment to building a caring city and of providing assistance to residents who need it most, the Mayor’s Special Fund paid out R533 360 to various organisations and individuals between April and June 2017.</p><p>The fund, which was set up to offer funding and support to charitable causes in Cape Town, has also provided assistance to families in need who were not able to afford the funeral costs to bury their children. With an annual budget of R2 million in the 2016/17 financial year, the Fund supported 52 schools, various organisations and individuals between April and June 2017. </p><p>The Mayoral Committee yesterday 19 September 2017 noted the Final Quarter report for the 2016/17 financial year on the Mayor’s Special Fund .</p><p>Some of the highlights of the funds dispersed during the three-month period include:</p><ul><li><div style="text-align:left;">R50 000 donation to Ikapa United Football Club as a contribution toward their participation in the Dallas Cup, Texas, United States</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">the Cape Winds T/A Cape Flats Football Academy received R50 000 in support of their football tournament</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">R5 000 donation to the Muslim Hands Trust as a contribution towards the organisation’s fundraising initiative</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">R5 000 to Siphosethu Fanti of Arts Africa who was selected to take part in the International Talent Showcase Arts convention in the United States</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">R7 000 as a contribution towards law student Nikita Ernstzen for the procurement of textbooks.</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">We are committed to providing assistance to organisations that are championing charitable causes and supporting Capetonians who are achieving amazing feats and representing the city in other parts of the country and the world.  </div></li></ul><p>This week I was also paid a special visit by one of the beneficiaries of the Special Fund, Jayde van der Byl from Blikkiesdorp who is going to Germany to represent our city and his country at the City Mission Educational Service’s Seventh International soccer tour.</p><p>He is a true ambassador for Cape Town and the Mayor's Fund assisted with Jayde's travel costs. The fund is there to assist talented individuals like Jayde who are the pride of our city to ensure that they get the opportunities and exposure they need to take their talents to a professional level.  </p><p>Following the recent Mayoral Golf Day earlier this month R620 000 was raised to support the special fund for the 2017/18 financial year.</p><p>On behalf of the City of Cape Town, I would also like to thank the various organisations and corporations that have donated to the Mayor’s Special Fund for their generosity.</p><p>Their kindness helps to ensure that those in need are not deprived of opportunities because they lack funding. It ensures that we continue to make progress possible together.</p><p><br><strong>End </strong><br></p>2017-09-19T22:00:00Z1
City exhibition celebrates life of Dulcie SeptemberThe exhibition commemorates September’s life through her family’s personal archives, police records, records from her Paris office and newspaper clippings. It will be open to the public today and tomorrow, before moving to the Athlone Civic Centre<span><figure class="figure-credits left"><img class="responsive" alt="placeholder" src="" style="width:511px;" /><figcaption> <p>  © City of Cape Town</p> </figcaption> </figure> <p>The Dulcie September Travelling Exhibition, in conjunction with the Provincial Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, opened at the Wolfgat Environmental Education Multipurpose Centre in Tafelsig where learners from the Chris Hani High School in Khayelitsha and Cedar High School in Mitchells Plain had the first opportunity to peruse it. </p><p>The learners’ visit to the exhibition coincides with a programme aimed at raising awareness around issues of local history through workshops and exhibitions.</p><p>The exhibition commemorates September’s life through her family’s personal archives, police records, records from her Paris office and newspaper clippings. It will be open to the public today and tomorrow, before moving to the Athlone Civic Centre.</p><span>​<figure class="figure-credits right"><img class="responsive" alt="placeholder" src="" style="width:511px;" /><figcaption> <p> © City of Cape Town</p> </figcaption> </figure> </span></span>‘History helps us to understand who we are, how we got here and shines a light on past mistakes we should work on so that we do not repeat them. The opening of the exhibition coincides with National Heritage Week which is significant. Despite what some may believe, history is interesting, meaningful and provides insight into the people who helped shape our country,’ said the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security; and Social Services, Alderman JP Smith.<p>The Dulcie September exhibition is part of a broader heritage programme that aims to create platforms for dialogue on issues of preservation, conservation and building civic pride.</p><p>The programme is rolled out in partnership with the City’s Biodiversity Management Branch, Environmental Management Department and the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport; in line with the aim of the City’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan to enhance partnerships with communities. </p><p>Dulcie September was the ANC’s representative in France. On 29 March 1988 she was shot five times from behind with a 22 calibre rifle, which had a silencer, in front of the ANC office in Paris. She posthumously received South Africa’s highest honour, the Order of Luthuli, in 2009.</p><p>Born in Gleemore, Athlone, she received her teacher’s diploma from the Battswood Teachers Training School in Salt River in 1955.</p><span>​<figure class="figure-credits left"><img class="responsive" alt="placeholder" src="" style="width:511px;" /><figcaption> <p> © City of Cape Town</p> </figcaption> </figure> </span>She subsequently became involved in a students’ union and a militant study group before she was arrested in 1964, tried for sabotage and subversion, and sentenced to five years in prison.<p>After her release, she left the country on an exit visa and headed for London where she joined the ANC and its Women’s League.</p><p>She was appointed ANC head of research in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In France, a school, street and a square were named after her in 1998.</p><p>The Athlone Civic Centre was renamed the Dulcie September Civic Centre in 2013.</p><p> </p><p><strong>End</strong><br></p><span><span></span><p> </p>​​</span>2017-09-19T22:00:00Z1
City wishes Jewish residents Shana TovaWishes to the Jewish community who are observing Rosh Hashanah from sunset on Wednesday 20 September 2017.<p>​On behalf of the City of Cape Town, I would like to extend our wishes to the Jewish community who are observing Rosh Hashanah from sunset on Wednesday 20 September 2017.</p><p>We wish you peace during this time of reflection with the start of the Jewish New Year. </p><p>As a city we are also celebrating Cape Town’s Jewish community’s contribution to the city. Leaders like Helen Suzman, Ruth First and many more have paved the way for our democracy and artists like Irma Stern enriched our culture and heritage. </p><p>Our hope is for the new year to be filled with joy and good health for you and your families. </p><p>May you be filled with a renewed sense of gratitude and spiritual faith during this time. </p><p><strong>End </strong></p>2017-09-18T22:00:00Z1
Informative heritage map guides MyCiTi commuters to city’s historic sitesNew MyCiTi heritage maps will now give commuters the chance to explore their heritage using public transport<p>Cape Town is South Africa’s oldest city and has a very rich heritage. Various sites around the city tell fascinating stories about our history and different cultures, religions and ideas, starting with the earliest inhabitants who led a pastoral existence on the site of modern-day Cape Town, through to the early settler era, slavery, battles, colonialism, the apartheid years and ultimately democracy.</p><p>New MyCiTi heritage maps will now give commuters the chance to explore their heritage using public transport. The map includes two of Cape Town’s most beautiful heritage spots: the Bo-Kaap and Company’s Garden. It also features the Slave Lodge, District Six, the Robben Island Museum, and other memorials, places of worship and sites of interest.</p><p>‘I want to encourage residents to make most of Heritage Month and to use the MyCiTi service to experience our heritage and culture and be a tourist in your own city. This informative map will assist with identifying and learning more about our heritage sites,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Councillor Brett Herron. </p><p>Commuters can access the <a href="">MyCiTi heritage map</a> free of charge at all MyCiTi stations and participating retailers, or they can get copy here.</p><p>Residents and tourists can get a myconnect card and load a Day Pass for R94. This will allow unlimited travel on all MyCiTi routes at any time, or they can load a R39 OPT1 package, which allows unlimited travel outside the weekday morning and afternoon peak. </p><p>Commuters can save even more over the Heritage Day long weekend when they load an OPT3 for R110, and enjoy unlimited travel for the entire three days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. </p><p>Monthly Pass users can simply hop on the bus and enjoy the sites. </p><p>Commuters can also enjoy the original artworks at MyCiTi stations celebrating the unique history of each area. </p><p>This is initiative is one way that the City is living up to its recently adopted Organisational Development and Transformation Plan which prioritises the use of existing facilities to support cultural activities and events.</p><p><br><strong>End</strong></p>2017-09-18T22:00:00Z1




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