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Rental rules for City-owned properties<h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​​Avoid losing your home </h2><p>To live in one of the City’s rental dwellings you have to sign a lease agreement. This agreement describes the roles and responsibilities of the tenant and the City as the landlord. You need to abide by these rules. </p><div class="notification with-heading dark-copy pink bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info note">​​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>Please note</h4><p>The lease agreement contains a number of clauses, and if any of these clauses is breached, particularly the ones below, the City is entitled to take action against you.</p></div></div><p> <strong>In short, these rules are: </strong></p><ul><li>you have to be legally allowed by the City to live in the unit;</li><li>you have to abide by the rules of your lease agreement at all times;</li><li>you have to pay your rent on time every month, i.e. before the 7th;</li><li>you are not allowed to do anything illegal in the unit – such as smoking or selling drugs and alcohol – or do anything considered a criminal activity;</li><li>you are not allowed to run a business from the unit; and</li><li>you cannot add any structures to the property, like a backyard structure, without getting permission first from the local housing office.</li></ul><p>Download and read our pamphlet which has more details on these points:</p><ul><li> <a href="" target="_blank">Lease agreement contraventions that could cost you your home/tenancy</a> (English / Afrikaans)</li><li> <a href="" target="_blank">Lease agreement contraventions that could cost you your home/tenancy</a>(English / isiXhosa)</li></ul><h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Contracts and payment agreements​​​​​​​</h2><p>If you have qualified for one of the City’s rental housing opportunities and are currently the registered tenant in one of our units, you would have signed a lease agreement with the City stating how much rental you are expected to pay a month. </p><p>If you are not the registered tenant of the unit you live in, you will have to visit the nearest housing office and find out if you qualify to be signed on as the tenant. </p><p>For more information, please visit your nearest <a href="">housing office</a>.</p><h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​If you can’t afford to pay your rent​​​​​​​</h2><p>When you are allocated a rental unit, your rental amount is based on you and your spouse or partner’s combined income. However, if your income has decreased since signing the original agreement with the City, you can apply for an Indigent Rental Relief Grant. See the section on ​ <a href="">indigent benefits</a> for more information. </p><p>To qualify for this grant, you and your spouse or partner’s combined income must be less than R3 200 a month. If your income increases while you are renting from the City, you will also need to let the City know as this may affect your lease agreement. </p><h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Rental disagreements​​​​​​​</h2><p>Anyone leasing a rental unit has basic tenant rights in line with national lease regulations. As the owner of the property, the City of Cape Town also has basic rights to protect our property. In the agreement you sign, each party's respective rights as well as the conditions of the lease are made clear.</p><p>If you cannot resolve a rental disagreement by engaging with the City through your nearest <a href="">housing office</a>, please read through the <a href="" target="_blank">national rental tribunal documents<i class="icon link-external"></i></a> and then make contact with a tribunal for further assistance.</p><h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Maintenance of rented City properties</h2><p>Every tenant needs to be responsible for the basic upkeep of the property and must ensure that nothing illegal is happening on the property. </p><p> If you are leasing a rental unit from the City, we request that you report the following kinds of issues as soon as you become aware of them: </p><ul><li>Required repairs and maintenance to the city’s rental units.</li><li>Cleaning of refuse huts and courtyards, refuse removal and dumping.</li><li>Blocked drains and sewage leaks.</li><li>Electricity problems.</li><li>Water problems.</li><li>Anti-social behaviour.</li><li>Unlawful occupation.</li><li>Land invasion or erection of illegal backyard structures.</li></ul><h4>For stolen/vandalised property</h4><p>If you are renting a property from the City and a fixture or structure on the property is stolen/vandalised, follow the process below:</p><ul><li>Go to your nearest police station and open a case of theft/ damage to property so that you can get a case number. </li><li> Contact our Call Centre on <em> <a>0860 103 089</a></em> and give the Call Centre Agent the case number.</li></ul><p>Once we have received the case number, we will log a request and schedule repairs.</p> <span> <div class="notification with-heading dark-copy pink bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info note">​​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>stolen/broken electricity meters</h4><p> Once you have contacted us and provided the case number, your complaint will be sent to our vendors who will receive it within 24 hours. Completion of the installation will depend on the severity and complexity of the damage. The technician will explain everything to you once he/she has assessed the situation.</p></div></div></span> <p>See our maintenance brochure for further details. You can read and download the brochure in <a href="" target="_blank">English and Afrikaans</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">English and isiXhosa</a>.</p><h2 class="sectHeading">Report a problem</h2><p>Lodge a report Monday to Friday during working hours (08:00 to 16:00): <br> <br>Visit or call your nearest <a href="">housing office</a>. <br> <br>Call the City’s contact centre at all hours on <em> </em><a><em>0860 103 089</em></a>. </p>GP0|#29d897aa-e253-4261-9ca2-e39e2c5c3681;L0|#029d897aa-e253-4261-9ca2-e39e2c5c3681|Rules for rental of City owned properties;GTSet|#ef3a64a2-d764-44bc-9d69-3a63d3fadea1;GPP|#d30820f2-174e-4308-90a4-07e0478ca4be;GPP|#e84b352a-6ba5-4275-b687-8cbfc7420a42;GPP|#245ec7aa-a528-4cd3-bcac-597c292db711Be a law-abiding tenant and ensure you respect the terms of your City rental agreement for housing opportunities.0



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Eviction Information Pamphlet (Eng/Xhosa)1070936GP0|#367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033;L0|#0367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033|Pamphlet;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#5340fe0b-73a7-472c-bef7-04e450fb5c4f;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e2012-12-31T22:00:00Z
Management, Maintenance and Services Complaints Pamphlet (Eng/Afr) 539232GP0|#367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033;L0|#0367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033|Pamphlet;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#5340fe0b-73a7-472c-bef7-04e450fb5c4f;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e2015-12-31T22:00:00Z
Management, Maintenance and Services Complaints Pamphlet (Eng/Xhosa) 542433GP0|#367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033;L0|#0367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033|Pamphlet;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#5340fe0b-73a7-472c-bef7-04e450fb5c4f;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e2015-12-31T22:00:00Z



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