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Arts and Culture DepartmentArts and Culture Department
Budget DepartmentBudget Department
City Health DepartmentCity Health Department
City Manager City Manager
Community, Arts and Culture DevelopmentCommunity, Arts and Culture Development
Customer Relations DepartmentCustomer Relations Department
Development Management DepartmentDevelopment Management Department
Disaster Risk Management Centre Disaster Risk Management Centre
Electricity Generation and Distribution DepartmentElectricity Generation and Distribution Department
Enterprise and Investment Enterprise and Investment
Environmental Management DepartmentEnvironmental Management Department
Events DepartmentEvents Department
Executive and Councillor Support Operations DepartmentExecutive and Councillor Support Operations Department
Expenditure DepartmentExpenditure Department
Fire and Rescue Service Department Fire and Rescue Service Department
Human Resources DepartmentHuman Resources Department
Information and Knowledge Management DepartmentInformation and Knowledge Management Department
International Relations DepartmentInternational Relations Department
Law Enforcement, Traffic and Coordination DepartmentLaw Enforcement, Traffic and Coordination Department
Legal Services DepartmentLegal Services Department
Library and Information Services DepartmentLibrary and Information Services Department
Media OfficeMedia Office
Metropolitan Police Services DepartmentMetropolitan Police Services Department
Office of the Executive Mayor Office of the Executive Mayor
Property Transactions DepartmentProperty Transactions Department
Public Emergency Communication Centre 107Public Emergency Communication Centre 107
Public Housing DepartmentPublic Housing Department
Public Participation DepartmentPublic Participation Department
Recreation and Parks DepartmentRecreation and Parks Department
Revenue DepartmentRevenue Department
Supply Chain Management (SCM) DepartmentSupply Chain Management (SCM) Department
Sustainable Energy Markets Sustainable Energy Markets
Treasury DepartmentTreasury Department
Urban MobilityUrban Mobility
Urban Planning and Design DepartmentUrban Planning and Design Department
Valuations DepartmentValuations Department
Waste Services DepartmentWaste Services Department
Water and Sanitation DepartmentWater and Sanitation Department



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