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You can find your councillor, ward or subcouncil using our easy look-up tool. Alternatively, you can locate your subcouncil on the city map viewer

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List of all councillors

Councillor Ward Information Subcouncil
Penelope East Proportional Representation Subcouncil 19
Abdulkader Elyas Proportional Representation Subcouncil 16
Charles Esau Adriaanse - Bishop Lavis: Northeast Of Tafelberg Road An North Of Kasteelberg And Olyfberg Weg, West Of John Ramsey, Lavis Drive And Fifteenth Street. South Of The Central Railway Line And East Of Valhalla Crescent, Myrtle Road And Tafelberg Road - Clarkes Estate - Matroosfontein - Subcouncil 4

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