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Find a work opportunity through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)<h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​​The City and EPWP​​​​​​​</h2><p>Every year the City of Cape Town creates work for about 40 000 unemployed Capetonians via EPWP. EPWP offers short-term and medium-term work opportunities for those who are unemployed or under-skilled.</p> <span> <blockquote cite=""><p>​ <em>​​​​"I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that EPWP has given me. The programme has helped me to develop personally and as a result I am a stronger person. I have also learnt the most important lesson through EPWP: that your future is in your own hands. I would like to see myself growing here and want to continue making a difference."</em>​ <b>Lynne (26), Heideveld</b><cite>A single mom who also supports her mother</cite></p></blockquote></span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Areas of focus​​​​​​​</h2><p> If you work on EPWP projects, you will receive on-the-job training that can be formal, accredited skills programmes and learnerships. </p><h4>The programme creates work opportunities across these major sectors:</h4><ul><li>Infrastructure (labour intensive or maintenance)</li><li>Social (early childhood development and home-based care)</li><li>Environmental and culture (environmental improvement and cleaning)</li></ul><h2 class="sectHeading">Smartcape Cadets Skills Development Programme</h2><p>Under this programme, EPWP candidates are trained by the City’s Information Services and Technology (IS&T) Department to run the <a href="">SmartCape</a> service in <a href="">City libraries </a>and assist customers with basic computer skills. </p><h4> After being trained, you will be able to: </h4><ul><li>Assist customers with e-Resources (Press Reader, Encyclopaedia Britannica Online);</li><li>Create and present digital literacy courses;</li><li>Help customers access the free Wi-Fi and use the internet to find information and complete online applications for universities, scholarships and bursaries;</li><li>Manage Smartcape –register users, maintain hardware and report problems;</li><li>Teach basic computer skills;</li></ul><h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Finding a job with EPWP ​​​​​​​</h2><p>​EPWP candidates are selected from the City's Job Seekers Database. To register for the database, visit your nearest <a href="">subcouncil office.</a></p><div class="notification with-heading dark-copy light-blue bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info quickstat">​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>Quick stat</h4><p>The City of Cape Town currently has over 400 000 residents registered on its Job Seekers Database.</p></div></div><h4> General requirements to apply for EPWP work through the City of Cape Town:</h4><ul><li>Open to unemployed and unskilled women and men, including youth (aged 18 to 35) </li><li>Persons living with disabilities</li><li>CV</li><li>ID document, or valid South African work permit</li></ul><p>Find out how to apply for work through EPWP by following the City Connect link below:</p> <span> <div class="notification with-heading white-copy yellow bg-darker-grey"><div class="graphic"> <i class="info citycard">​​</i></div><div class="desc"><h4>City Connect</h4><p> <a href="">Apply for work through EPWP</a></p></div></div> </span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Contact us​​​​​​​</h2><p>Have you got a query about the City of Cape Town’s EPWP opportunities? </p> <span> <div class="contact"><h4>​​Employment Service Desk</h4><ul><li> <em>Telephone: </em> <br> <em> <a>0860 103 089</a> (option 6)</em>​</li></ul><h4>EPWP helpdesk</h4><ul><li>​Telephone: <br> <a title="title" href="#"> <em></em></a> <em> <a>021 400 9406</a></em></li><li>Email: <br> <a title="title" href=""></a> <a href=""> <em></em></a></li></ul></div></span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​​EPWP FAQs​​​​​​​</h2><p>We have a lot of questions about EPWP so we have summarised the most common here for you. </p><h4> Why register for EPWP work?</h4><p>Working for the EPWP is an excellent opportunity to:</p><ul><li>gain work experience;</li><li>earn income, even if only for a short period of time;</li><li>learn new skills;</li><li>network – possibly find out about other jobs;</li><li>receive a certificate of service as proof of your working experience; and</li><li>better opportunities for work.</li></ul><p> <strong>How long is an EPWP employment contract?</strong><br>This depends on the project. Employment can last anywhere from a few months to a year (and in some cases even 18 months). You will be employed on a temporary contract with a set start and end date. No extension is allowed. You will find more contract details in your EPWP Induction Booklet (which you will get when you have been accepted for a job).</p><p> <strong>Will I get a permanent job after my EPWP position?</strong><br>The City cannot guarantee you will find permanent work. However, our vision for EPWP is to provide not just a short-term job, but a job that gives you training, skills and experience that could possibly lead to a permanent job either with the City or a private business. </p><p> <strong>Will I receive paid leave?</strong><br>EPWP workers receive pay for accumulated leave at the end of their contracts. However, no leave may be taken during the contract, and any time off will be regarded as unpaid leave. You will find more contract details in the EPWP Induction Booklet which you will receive when you have been accepted for a job.</p><p> <strong>Will I receive overtime?</strong><br>Overtime is not allowed. You can only work up to 40 hours per week. You will find more contract details in your EPWP Induction Booklet.</p><p> <strong>Will I be supplied with the right tools or protective clothing to do the job? </strong><br>Yes, if needed for the project. You will need to return these when your contract ends.</p><p> <strong>Can I qualify for another EPWP position after my contract has ended?</strong><br>Yes, but only after a break. If you have worked for less than two weeks, your name will be removed from the Job Seekers Database for three months. If you have worked longer than two weeks, your name will be removed for six months. This is to make sure that as many unemployed people as possible get an opportunity to work. </p><p> <strong>If my name is removed from the database after completing an EPWP contract, do I have to register again?</strong><br>It is suggested that you check and update your information regularly (e.g. a change in telephone number or physical address as well as work experience gained) and visit your subcouncil office at least once a year or after a contract period has been completed to make sure your registration is updated.</p>GP0|#112c4f5f-f663-485d-af4d-349486df8ae5;L0|#0112c4f5f-f663-485d-af4d-349486df8ae5|Find an opportunity with EPWP;GTSet|#ef3a64a2-d764-44bc-9d69-3a63d3fadea1;GPP|#870d82e9-1ef0-479f-9071-3399da77d7b1;GPP|#fbda9c08-4b90-4e3a-801c-c6b29faf98ab;GPP|#e88ff549-973f-4e3c-a46c-cfbe61bd6a24;GP0|#dd00d750-2c98-486b-bdc5-c7516906ec96;L0|#0dd00d750-2c98-486b-bdc5-c7516906ec96|Find an opportunity with EPWP;GPP|#901338f6-5d04-4580-986b-63e3fd656c52Learn about the work opportunities offered through EPWP and how you can get involved.0



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