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Online meetings about spatial vision, development priorities for Cape Town continue this weekThe draft district SDFs and EMFs set the planning and spatial vision for the City’s eight planning districts<p>​The draft district SDFs and EMFs set the planning and spatial vision for the City’s eight planning districts, namely: Table Bay; Blaauwberg; Southern; Northern; Cape Flats; Helderberg; Tygerberg; Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha and Greater Blue Downs. </p><p><strong>The draft integrated district SDFs and EMFs are available on the City’s website at: </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong></strong></a></p><p><strong>Kindly refer to the map right at the bottom to find your district.</strong></p><p><strong>The online meetings will take place as follows:</strong></p><table width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>District</strong></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Date</strong></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Time</strong></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Online (Skype) Link</strong></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain and the Greater Blue Downs Area</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">10 May 2021</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">18:00 – 20:00</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Blaauwberg</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">11 May 2021</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">18:00 – 20:00</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Helderberg</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">13 May 2021</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">18:00 – 20:00</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Cape Flats</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">17 May 2021</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">18:00 – 20:00</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Table Bay</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">18 May 2021</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">18:00 – 20:00</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></a></td></tr></tbody></table><p>Residents will have the opportunity to ask City officials questions during the online meetings.</p><p>A recorded presentation and documents for each district are uploaded on the City's website. The public is encouraged to watch the presentation and read the documents at home, and to send comments via email, or to submit these online at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. </p><p><strong>Should you have questions about the documents, we encourage you to:</strong></p><ul><li><div style="text-align:left;">send an email – see the relevant email addresses below</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">attend the online meetings as listed above</div></li></ul><table width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:50%;">General comment on district SDFs and EMFs</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:50%;"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Table Bay</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Blaauwberg</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Northern District</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Tygerberg </td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain and Greater Blue Downs </td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Helderberg</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Cape Flats </td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default">Southern District</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><a href=""></a> </td></tr></tbody></table><p><strong><br>What are the district SDFs about?</strong></p><p>The draft district SDFs entail the City’s response to managing urban growth on a district level and in a manner that is sustainable, resilient, and equitable. It determines how the City should intervene on a local planning level to mitigate against constraints, and to enhance opportunities that will improve residents’ quality of living. </p><p>The plans also focus on the nature and location of development on a local level to promote economic growth and job creation. It will guide the City’s decisions on how and where the private sector and public sector can and should pursue developments; how land should be used; and where we should protect our natural environment and resources to become more resilient to climate change and other shocks, prevent urban sprawl, but also ensure that we direct our resources to vulnerable communities.</p><p>Once approved by the City Council, the district SDFs and EMFs will guide future decisions about developments, land uses, and interventions to create integrated and inclusive communities across Cape Town.</p><p>The review of the City’s spatial development frameworks started in 2019, and is based on the Baseline and Analysis Report (BaAR) for each district. The BaARs were updated over the past months with the latest available information about the state of the population, environment, development, economy and property market in the planning districts, inclusive of the challenges, needs and opportunities on a local planning level.</p><p>The draft integrated district SDFs and EMFs also contain a proposal for an Environment Management Instrument that sets out the rules for developments within the boundaries of Atlantis that are proposed to be excluded from the need to obtain environmental authorisation, and for the proposed area to be adopted as a National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) Urban Area.  </p><p>A separate but related report, the draft Coastal Economic and Spatial Framework (CESF) that sets out recommendations for dealing with our sensitive coastline, is also available for public comment during this time. The draft framework and supporting presentation are also available for download from the City’s website at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.  </p><p> </p><p><img alt="map.jpg" src="/mediacentre/PublishingImages/Lists/Media%20Releases/AllItems/map.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /></p>2021-05-09T22:00:00Z1
Residents to check for illegal stormwater-to-sewer connections as rainy season approachesThere are many illegal stormwater-to-sewer cross-connections on private properties in areas across Cape Town<p>​</p><p>There are many illegal stormwater-to-sewer cross-connections on private properties in areas across Cape Town, where water is channelled from residents’ roofs, gutters, and paved or hard yard surface areas into sewer drains. Ingress of rainwater causes sewers to flood, causing overflows in the network. </p><p>These cross-connections are illegal in terms of the City’s Wastewater and Industrial Effluent Bylaw. According to this legislation, rainwater should always be directed, via the gutters (stormwater pipes), into the stormwater system. </p><p>As many residents may not be aware that these cross-connections are illegal, and damaging sewer infrastructure, City officials are currently doing smoke testing and door-to-door inspections. These are currently taking place in the Hout Bay area but will be rolled out in others as well.</p><p>Smoke testing is a relatively simple process that consists of blowing smoke mixed with large volumes of air, into the sanitary sewer line, which is done through the manhole. The smoke travels the path of least resistance and quickly shows up at sites that allow for surface water intrusion, or any cross-connection between the sewers and stormwater drains.</p><p>The smoke is harmless and will disappear after a few minutes.  This means that it is not harmful to one’s health, nor will it leave a stain and will disappear rapidly without any lasting odour.      </p><p>If an illegal cross-connection is found, residents will receive a notice stating that it should be corrected to be By-law-compliant within three months. No penalty will be applied initially.</p><p>A follow-up inspection will be conducted after the three-month period has lapsed, and if it is discovered that residents have not removed their illegal stormwater to sewer connection within that timeframe, a charge based on the square meter of the surface area that drains to the sewer will be added to their account. This charge will remain until the property owner informs the City that he/she has corrected the illegal connection and this will be verified by a follow-up inspection.</p><p>‘With winter approaching, we would like to encourage residents to check their stormwater connections to ensure they do not discharge into the sewer network, as this causes sewer overflows during rainfall. </p><p>‘Should residents discover that they have an illegal stormwater to sewer connection, they can contract a qualified plumber, or a reliable builder or handyman to assist with rectifying the illegal connections or making a suitable diversion to ensure the property’s stormwater connections are compliant.</p><p>‘City inspectors are appointed law enforcement officers, and should be able to produce a peace officer card or a City identity tag when visiting the properties. Residents can also call 0860 103 089 to confirm the inspector’s identity. </p><p>‘Residents are also reminded to ‘Bin it, Don’t Block it’ when it comes to items like wet wipes, rags, sanitary pads, and any other material that does not belong in the sewer system. Misuse of the sewer network causes blockages and in turn, overflows,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Waste, Alderman Xanthea Limberg.</p><p>See the link <a href="">Bin it, Don’t Block It Campaign</a>.</p><p>More information is available here about sewer overflows: <a href="" target="_blank">'s%20water%20and%20sanitation%20teams%20clear%20122%20000%20sewer%20blockages</a> </p><p><strong>Logging a service request</strong></p><p>Residents can report sewer blockages, missing drain covers, vandalism, burst pipes, leaks and water waste using one of the following options.</p><p>Please give the street address, and get a reference number.</p><ul><li><div style="text-align:left;">Online: <a href=""></a></div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">Email: <a href=""></a></div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">SMS: 31373 (Maximum 160 characters)</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">Call: 0860 103 089</div></li><li><div style="text-align:left;">Visit a City walk-in centre, see <a href="" target="_blank"></a></div></li></ul><p>Further information can be found here: <a href="" target="_blank">,%20notices,%20tariffs%20and%20lists/2021GD0166_Hout%20Bay%20Stormwater%20Ingress%20A4_8%20Dec%202020.pdf</a></p><p><br><strong>End</strong><br></p>2021-05-09T22:00:00Z1
Duinefontein and Turfhall Roads roadworks set to commenceThe Duinefontein works entail the resurfacing of the Northbound and the Southbound carriageway of Duinefontein Road in Athlone, between the N2 boundary and Klipfontein Road.<p>​</p><p>Works will take place along Duinefontein Road northbound and southbound, between the N2 and Klipfontein Road in Heideveld and along Turfhall Road, between Dawid Road and Hanover Park Avenue. Another set of roadworks will take place between Belgravia Road and Jan Smuts Drive in Newfields in Athlone. </p><p>The work in these areas will be implemented between Monday and Friday. The provisional completion date is 15 June 2021, pending unforeseen delays and inclement weather.  </p><p>The Duinefontein works entail the resurfacing of the Northbound and the Southbound carriageway of Duinefontein Road in Athlone, between the N2 boundary and Klipfontein Road.</p><p>The first mill and replace section includes the Southbound carriageway, which starts at the N2 boundary through to the intersection at Klipfontein Road. The length of this section is approximately 1,2 km.</p><p>The Northbound carriageway is a dual divided section that starts at Klipfontein Road and ends at the N2 boundary. The second mill and replace section includes the Northbound carriageway starting at the Klipfontein Road intersection to the N2 boundary. The length of this section is approximately 1,2 km.</p><p>‘The roadworks are implemented in keeping with our commitment to continually maintain Cape Town’s road network. The more often we do maintenance, the better the chances of prolonging the longevity of this important asset. We understand that roadworks come with some level of inconvenience and we try our best to minimise this. No road closures are anticipated with any of these works, however, we appeal to residents and motorists to please exercise extra caution when moving around the construction sites. </p><p>‘Where necessary, flag personnel will regulate traffic flow either by temporary lane diversions or temporary lane closures around the works. We will also have signage in place and urge residents to play their part by complying with the signage that is displayed during the construction period and ensure that their vehicles are not parked in an obstructive manner. This will ensure that the projects run without disruptions and that delays are minimal,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.</p><p>Furthermore, the City anticipates that traffic flow will be impeded in areas where construction is taking place and they may be congested, thus, we recommend that road users consider using alternative roads to avoid unnecessary delays. </p><p><br><strong>End</strong></p>2021-05-09T22:00:00Z1
Metro Police officers seize quarter million-rand drug stashSafety and Security weekly roundup.<p>​In the past week, the number of arrests by Metro Police, Traffic and Law Enforcement officers totalled 254 – an increase of 96 on the previous week. </p><p>METRO POLICE DEPARTMENT</p><p>Metro Police officers made 86 arrests – 37 of which were drug-related. There were also 44 arrests on a range of charges, including charges related to weapons contact crimes, domestic violence and outstanding warrants of arrest.</p><p>They also issued 5 214 fines for traffic and bylaw transgressions.</p><p>On Sunday, 9 May 2021, Metro Police officers attached to the K9 Unit, reacted to a tip-off about illegal substances stored at a building in Goodwood. </p><p>Just before 14:00, officers followed up on information and searched the premises where they found tik in a carrier bag with an estimated street value of R250 000.</p><p>The drugs were booked in as abandoned at Goodwood SAPS. </p><p>‘This was a very good success, and we commend the person who provided the tip off, but also the staff for their quick reaction. It comes just more than a week after another sizeable drug bust by officers attached to the Metal Theft Unit. They confiscated drugs with an estimated street value of R2.5 million, and arrested three suspects. Visible policing and community cooperation are two key elements in fighting crime, as these successes show,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith. </p><p>On Saturday, 8 May 2021, officers from the Metro Police Camera Response Unit arrested a 19-year-old suspect for the possession of a pistol and two rounds of ammunition at a garage in Wesbank. </p><p>He was detained at Mfuleni SAPS for further investigation.  </p><p>CAPE TOWN TRAFFIC SERVICE</p><p>Traffic officers arrested 101 suspects and issued 67 025 fines for road safety related transgressions. Officers also impounded 193 vehicles and 135 cell phones.</p><p>Officers from the City’s Traffic Department impounded 193 vehicles and 135 cell phones during the past week. The Transport Enforcement Unit impounded 132 vehicles and issued 3159 fines for road safety offences.</p><p>Traffic officers also arrested  29 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol, 32 for reckless and negligent driving. </p><p>On Friday, 7 May 2021, during an integrated operation held in the Mitchells Plain area, officers arrested six suspects, which included two for driving under the influence of alcohol. Officers also  impounded 38 vehicles.</p><p>On Saturday, 8 May 2021, during an illegal street race operation held in the Athlone and Ottery areas, officers arrested four suspects for driving under the influence of alcohol and seven for reckless and negligent driving. </p><p>LAW ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT</p><p>Law Enforcement officers arrested 67 suspects for various offences such as violence, possession of drugs and metal theft. Of the total amount of arrests made, the Law Enforcement Advancement Plan officers accounted for 56 arrests. Officers also issued 3 827 fines, of which 186 were for not wearing masks.  </p><p>Law Enforcement officers conducted weekly highway patrols in various hotspot areas, which included the N2, R300 and Stock Road, Jakes Gerwel Drive and Sir Lowry Road. Officers confiscated 42 dagga cigarettes and 11 dagga parcels. Officers also issued 3 827 notices, which included 186 transgressions for not wearing face masks in public as regulated by the national disaster act.</p><p><br>End</p>2021-05-09T22:00:00Z1







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