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Pay impoundment fees<h2 class="sectHeading">​​​Impoundment criteria​​​​​​​</h2><h4>Your vehicle can be impounded for the following reasons:</h4><ul><li>It was left abandoned on the road.</li><li>It was parked in contravention of road signs.</li><li>It has no licence plate number or reasonable means of identifying the owner.</li><li>It is a business vehicle, and the driver does not have a permit.</li></ul><div class="notification with-heading dark-copy pink bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info note">​​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>Please note</h4><p> <b></b>If unclaimed within three months of the date when it was first impounded, the City will sell impounded property. This policy applies to both vehicles and phones. </p></div></div><p>Your cellphone can be impounded because you were using it while driving. The impounded phone will be stored safely in a sealed evidence box with a copy of the impoundment receipt until you collect it.</p> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​How to pay</h2> <span> <div class="lrg-icon-content bordered"><div class="lrg-icon lrg-check"><p> <b>​​​​​​Please bring with:</b></p><ul><li>the original notice you were issued with, or a copy</li><li>a valid driver’s licence</li><li>positive ID (RSA ID or driver’s license) if an individual is acting on behalf of the owner</li><li>an affidavit from the owner authorising that they can pay and collect the vehicle if an individual is acting on behalf of the owner</li></ul></div></div></span></span> <h4>Release an impounded car</h4><ul><li>If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, you need to have authorisation and a copy of the owner’s ID before the vehicle can be released to you.</li><li>If it is a company vehicle/ rented vehicle, you will need to provide a business card or work identification, as well as authorisation from the owner.</li><li>If you purchased the vehicle, but have not yet registered it in your name, you must provide the registration certificate and receipt of purchase, or a letter from the registered owner stating that the vehicle was sold to you, and a copy of the owner’s drivers licence.</li><li>Your motor vehicle must have a valid motor vehicle licence.</li></ul><p>Before your car is released, you will need to pay the impoundment fee and any outstanding fines. The impoundment fee is for the initial storage, hooking, salvaging and administration costs for the vehicle’s impoundment. </p><p>You can only pay for impounded vehicles at the <a href="">Gallows Hills Driving Licence Testing Centre</a> or <a href="">Goodwood Driving Licence Testing Centre</a>.</p><p>On top of the impoundment fee (which increases for first, second and third offences), the driver of the vehicle must also pay any fines issued for contravening the rules of the road, which are set out in the Traffic Services Tariff Sheet in the document downloads section below.</p><h4>Release an impounded cellphone</h4><p>You can pay for and collect impounded cellphones at the traffic department closest to the area in which it was confiscated. The cellphone will be available for collection 24 hours after it was impounded. To find out what documents you need to bring along, please see the checklist above. </p><p>Once you have paid your impoundment fee, you will be directed, with your receipt of payment, to the relevant official who will release your phone. See which fines you will be liable to pay in the Traffic Services Tariff Sheet in the document downloads section below.​</p> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​​Payment​​​​​​​</h2> <span> <div class="notification with-heading dark-copy pink bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info note">​​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>Please note</h4><p>We do not accept payments by cheque as of 1 July 2019.</p></div></div></span></span> <h4>We accept the following methods of payment:</h4><ul><li> <strong>Cash, debit and/or credit card:</strong><strong> </strong>We will cover the bank cost on a cash, debit and/or credit card payment on an amount above R7000 per transaction. We absorb such costs in respect of single payments of R7000 and below.</li><li> <strong>Direct deposit at Bank:</strong><strong> </strong>Insert your payment reference number on your deposit slip​​</li><li> <strong>Electronic payments (EFT):</strong> Select the City of Cape Town as a bank listed beneficiary on your bank's website. <br>Use your 9 - digit reference number in the beneficiary account number/ payment reference field.</li></ul> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​Contact us</h2></span> <h4>City Traffic Services</h4><p> <em>Telephone: </em><br><em> <a>0860 103 089</a><br></em><br><em>E-mail:</em><br><a href=""><em></em></a></p>GP0|#81d2c7cd-9d71-4f8f-8ebd-2eb5d43e2f5a;L0|#081d2c7cd-9d71-4f8f-8ebd-2eb5d43e2f5a|Impoundments;GTSet|#a7cfb90d-44ad-4426-98ce-565f79932396;GPP|#abce9b62-2f7e-4ac7-aaef-e28f6f8b550e;GPP|#d36c9e28-9810-4cff-bcbb-7a6f41899a5dFind out how to reclaim a car or phone which has been impounded.0



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Law Enforcement Tariffs1048227GP0|#fe9c9791-d3b1-479c-9447-8be3f4d5e139;L0|#0fe9c9791-d3b1-479c-9447-8be3f4d5e139|Budget annexure;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#6f477a30-54ff-4877-a387-889f32ddb0f9;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e;GP0|#cd8d1412-d058-4a6b-aecb-9c6bd8dbc168;L0|#0cd8d1412-d058-4a6b-aecb-9c6bd8dbc168|Tariff;GPP|#3a03f9b9-d2e9-49b1-92e1-37b654747f822024-07-01T10:00:00Z
Parking Tariffs1622682GP0|#fe9c9791-d3b1-479c-9447-8be3f4d5e139;L0|#0fe9c9791-d3b1-479c-9447-8be3f4d5e139|Budget annexure;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#6f477a30-54ff-4877-a387-889f32ddb0f9;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e;GP0|#cd8d1412-d058-4a6b-aecb-9c6bd8dbc168;L0|#0cd8d1412-d058-4a6b-aecb-9c6bd8dbc168|Tariff;GPP|#3a03f9b9-d2e9-49b1-92e1-37b654747f822024-06-30T22:00:00Z
Traffic Services Tariffs1302050GP0|#fe9c9791-d3b1-479c-9447-8be3f4d5e139;L0|#0fe9c9791-d3b1-479c-9447-8be3f4d5e139|Budget annexure;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#6f477a30-54ff-4877-a387-889f32ddb0f9;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e;GP0|#cd8d1412-d058-4a6b-aecb-9c6bd8dbc168;L0|#0cd8d1412-d058-4a6b-aecb-9c6bd8dbc168|Tariff;GPP|#3a03f9b9-d2e9-49b1-92e1-37b654747f822024-07-01T10:00:00Z



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