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Graduates celebrate victory over drug abuse <span><p>'Substance abuse continues to wreak havoc on individuals, families and communities. I want to commend those who have faced their addiction by seeking help and who have made it this far. It takes courage to admit you have a problem and even greater bravery to step forward and actively do something about it. As we celebrate these milestones, I congratulate the graduates and their families, but also the staff without whom this would not be possible,' said the City's Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Patricia van der Ross. </p><p>The City's substance abuse programme is open to anyone over 18 and follows the evidence-based Matrix® model.<br></p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="width:884px;" /> </figure>​​</span><span><p>Treatment consists of three to four sessions a week including counselling for clients and their families, skills that help clients stay sober, a relapse prevention group focusing on living without alcohol and drugs, as well as a social support group.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">Last week the programme celebrated the following successes:</p><table cellspacing="0" width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default"><tbody><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Category </strong></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Parkwood </strong></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Delft South </strong></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:25%;"><strong>Manenberg </strong></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong>Early Recovery  Sessions</strong> </p><p>(Completed one month)<br></p></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">52<br></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">22<br></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">17</td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong>Brief Intervention  Programme</strong> </p><p>(Completed their individualised programme)</p></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">42</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">5<br></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">5</td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong>Treatment Completion</strong> </p><p>(Completed the full four months)<br></p></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">15<br></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">14</td><td class="ms-rteTable-default">4</td></tr></tbody></table><p style="text-align:justify;"> </p><p style="text-align:justify;">Albow Gardens too held a graduation ceremony, with 55 certificates handed over to clients.  </p><p style="text-align:justify;"> </p><p style="text-align:justify;">From July 2023 to March 2024, 1 632 clients were screened for entry into the programme.</p><p> </p><p style="text-align:justify;">During that period, the substance abuse unit recorded the following highlights:</p><ul><li>Some 574 clients accessed the service over this period  </li><li>A new senior therapist was appointed </li><li>Three social work graduates started their two-year internships with the Matrix® which provides opportunity to grow their social work and substance abuse treatment skills </li><li>The Women's Group at Ruimte Road continued to provide a safe space for women enrolled in the program </li><li>A Narcotics Anonymous meeting was successfully started in the Manenberg and Eersteriver. Matrix staff were involved in the advocating for the meeting and are closely monitoring the process </li><li>Family members interacted well during the workshop at the family education session, where information on addiction and recovery is presented to families and their loved ones</li></ul><p style="text-align:justify;"> </p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="width:807px;" /> </figure>​​</span><p style="text-align:justify;">The challenges experienced at the sites include: </p><ul><li>The vandalism of cables at Scottsdene meant the site had no electricity for most of January. </li><li>No aircons at the Eerste River Park home; Town 2; Parkwood Park home and Ruimte Road clinic with temperatures reaching over 38 degrees at times  </li><li>Sporadic gang violence.</li><li>Staff and clients safety. In recent months, there have been several shooting and robberies occurring in front and around the Delft South clinic. </li><li>Vandalism at the Ruimte Road site with cut cables, rendering the facility without electricity, computers and telephones for a few weeks.  </li></ul><p style="text-align:justify;"> </p><p style="text-align:justify;">'Despite these challenges, there have been a number of success stories. It is encouraging that those who step up for treatment are committed. Some have found employment, returned to school and their families have noted greater harmony in the home. I want to encourage those struggling with substance abuse to take the first step as help is available,' said Councillor Van der Ross.<br></p><p><strong>End</strong><br></p>2024-04-29T22:00:00ZGP0|#1d539e44-7c8c-4646-887d-386dc1d95d70;L0|#01d539e44-7c8c-4646-887d-386dc1d95d70|City news;GTSet|#62efe227-07aa-45e7-944c-ceebacca891dGP0|#4b1f612f-669f-47c2-b682-4bdfbd51e6df;L0|#04b1f612f-669f-47c2-b682-4bdfbd51e6df|Delft;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#633591e2-ed41-4816-9750-3d5f5090deda;L0|#0633591e2-ed41-4816-9750-3d5f5090deda|illegal activity;GP0|#8a4b9ef0-0abd-4811-a93e-43b5fd20f3cb;L0|#08a4b9ef0-0abd-4811-a93e-43b5fd20f3cb|Substance Abuse10

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