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Civic history in action at the Attic<p>​</p><span><p>The Civic Collection is a collection of unique, valuable and irreplaceable Movable Heritage Assets (archival, archaeological, historical, scientific and artistic) that encapsulate pieces of the history, management and growth of the City. </p><p> <br></p><p>These objects are the heritage of everyone who lives in or is connected to Cape Town and its people.  </p><p> </p><p>The exhibition items were sourced from the City of Cape Town's Civic History Collection and is an eclectic mix, with some of the items dating back hundreds of years, while others are very modern.<br></p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="width:802px;" /> </figure>​​</span><span><p>The collection was amassed through a series of channels, including archaeological excavations, donations, gifts or purchases from ordinary citizens, organisations, former mayors and councillors, or visiting dignitaries.</p><p> </p><p>The Civic History Collection provides a glimpse into the evolution of the municipality and the role it has played in the provision of services over time. </p><p> </p><p>Some of the items on display include VOC Postal Stone from 1635, a slave bell from 1766 and a digging stick weight used by khoi people. </p><p> </p><p>'City Hall has been host and witness to some of history's most iconic moments, so I'm very proud to be here again, to witness another chapter in this building's long history. I want to thank the team who have taken great care in restoring the many items and artefacts you see here. This Attic space will be a permanent display, and will exhibit different collections over the years to come. I'm looking forward to seeing what else will be displayed as each of these items is a reminder of our history and of just how far we've come. The exhibit doesn't shy away from illuminating all parts of our journey – the good, the bad, the advancement in science and technology, and the overall development of Cape Town,' said Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.<br></p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="width:906px;" /> </figure>​​</span><span><p>The exhibition is open to the public, by appointment, except for Wednesdays when it is open from 09:00 – 15:00. To book an appointment email, <a href=""></a> </p><p> </p><p>'The exhibition is unique as  many of these special items have been brought out of storage for the first time and provide an opportunity to journey through the City's "attic". Everyday things like a wine glass or a key might unlock extraordinary, unexpected stories. Things like cables or water pipes tell a story of  how the city and the world changed over time.</p><p> </p><p>'As visitors move through the exhibition, they should  keep in mind that every object has a story of its own – and might connect to hundreds of other stories, sometimes in unexpected ways. The exhibition uses artefacts and images to write a new story and to understand old stories in different ways,' said the City's Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Patricia Van der Ross.<br></p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="width:1036px;" /> </figure>​​'The City has a responsibility to protect and preserve artwork and other historical artefacts on behalf of residents and for future generations. Apart from the visual display at the exhibition, it also tells the story of the City's diverse and unique history. The exhibition is accessible to everyone and we hope that residents and visitors will take the opportunity to take a walk through history with us,' added Councillor Van der Ross.  </span><div><br></div><div><strong>End</strong><br><span></span><p><br></p></div>2022-10-11T22:00:00ZGP0|#1d539e44-7c8c-4646-887d-386dc1d95d70;L0|#01d539e44-7c8c-4646-887d-386dc1d95d70|City news;GTSet|#62efe227-07aa-45e7-944c-ceebacca891dGP0|#25ac58cc-e33e-4241-aac5-50e54d948741;L0|#025ac58cc-e33e-4241-aac5-50e54d948741|City Hall;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#15bec132-6849-4361-9d55-be159ba4d8a4;L0|#015bec132-6849-4361-9d55-be159ba4d8a4|arts10

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