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City’s Jack Muller Park plays host to movie nights<span style="line-height:1.6;">The movie night series in the City of Cape Town’s Jack Muller Park in Bellville comes to an end on Saturday 5 March 2016, with the screening of the popular and much loved animated movie, ‘The Lion King’.</span><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">‘The City is proud that the park has become a hive of activity and a recreational focal point for surrounding communities. </span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><strong>Park upgrades</strong></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">‘The park has undergone several upgrades in recent months and has become a lush and inviting space for residents to enjoy. The opening of the Elsieskraal River to enhance the natural environment and increase recreation activities is complete.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">‘These upgrades have also allowed the City to provide job opportunities to 20 previously unemployed residents from the area. They were responsible for packing gabion walls that act as a silt trap within the river flow, which will help to keep the river clean further downstream,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Special Projects, Alderman Belinda Walker.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">Gym equipment has been reinstated and the footpath now runs in a circular route for the very successful weekly park run events which take place on a Saturday morning.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"></span><span style="line-height:1.6;">Currently about 850 people participate in the weekly runs.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">Another project that will soon be completed in the park is the installation of about 100 lamp poles, resulting in a 3 km stretch of lights all around the perimeter pathways.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">‘This electricity project has already started and we hope to see the park lights working soon. Lighting will increase usage, improve security, and add value to the park,’ said Alderman Walker.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"></span><span style="line-height:1.6;">Other improvements at the park include the upgrade of the existing laterite footpaths so that they are more user-friendly and safe, which is near completion. Wooden bollards are being installed to clearly mark the boundaries and prevent access to areas in the park that are not meant for vehicular access. </span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><strong>Movie nights</strong></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">Visitors to the park can enjoy the last of the movie nights, hosted in conjunction with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership, when the gates open at 18:30. The movie will start at 20:00.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">Food, fresh popcorn, sweet treats, coffee and soft drinks will be available at the park, but residents can also take along their own picnic baskets and are reminded that no alcohol is allowed.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">‘Our movies in the park series forms part of our Desirable Spaces Programme which is aimed at encouraging residents to make use of public spaces such as Jack Muller Park. The series is an ongoing seasonal event which runs during the summer season and has attracted an enthusiastic following. It continues to grow in popularity, and attendance has grown from 200 to over 700 patrons,’ said the CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership, Chris O’Connor.</span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;"><br></span></div><div><span style="line-height:1.6;">Tickets are R45 and can be purchased from For further information, residents should please call Tanya or Jonita on 021 823 6713.</span></div>2016-02-25T22:00:00ZGP0|#e3c03ac1-845c-4119-815d-e796340463ba;L0|#0e3c03ac1-845c-4119-815d-e796340463ba|Community news;GTSet|#62efe227-07aa-45e7-944c-ceebacca891dGP0|#1596e104-b1e8-47f6-9db5-263896676e0a;L0|#01596e104-b1e8-47f6-9db5-263896676e0a|subcouncil;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#edf0e3b8-f398-4bf8-a0ff-2f674175b062;L0|#0edf0e3b8-f398-4bf8-a0ff-2f674175b062|city parks;GP0|#e59778a7-f7c6-4842-963d-bcc1b121760b;L0|#0e59778a7-f7c6-4842-963d-bcc1b121760b|Community Development1

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