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City providing essential services at Stock Rd site <p>There are currently 856 structures at this site. </p><p>The City as the independent land use regulator is following due process on PRASA's pending land use applications for the Stock Road site in terms of the City's Municipal Planning By-law. </p><p>In the interim, the City is assisting with basic services to those who have been relocated.</p><p><strong>Essential services provision at the Stock Road site is continuing and consists of:</strong></p><p>·       60 chemical toilets </p><p>·       90 container toilets</p><ul><li>by the end of March there will be 150 container-only toilets in total </li></ul><p>·       the toilets are serviced four times per week</p><p>·       in terms of water provision, water is currently being delivered via water tanker three days per week, with the 7 000 litre tanker making three to five trips per day</p><ul><li>there are no existing bulk services on site for the provision of standpipes given that the land is currently not zoned for residential purposes; thus there is no alternative but to provide water with water tankers</li><li>waste is collected two to three times per week from the periphery of the settlement</li></ul><p>The submission deadline for a land use application for the Stock Road site is Friday, 22 March 2024. The City is liaising with PRASA and the HDA in this regard. </p><p><strong>Status update on land use applications for 34 and 42 Weltevreden Road in Philippi</strong></p><ul><li>The City is currently assessing the comments that were submitted in response to PRASA and the Housing Development Agency's land use applications – these are comments from the public, as well as the City's internal departments</li><li>PRASA, via the HDA, acquired these erven from a private land owner, and submitted applications seeking the rezoning of the erven from Agricultural to Single Residential Zoning 2</li><li>The reports on the rezoning applications for 34 and 42 Weltevreden Road, outlining the comments and PRASA's response to these, will be submitted to the Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) for consideration in due course</li><li>The MPT consists of external professionals and officials appointed by the City and are mandated in terms of the Municipal Planning By-law to consider the applications, taking into account the comments and the applicant's response to these</li><li>Other considerations are the municipal spatial policy, relevant district plan, and whether there is infrastructure capacity to accommodate the development as prescribed by Section 99 of the City's Municipal Planning Bylaw.</li><li>The MPT may further attach appropriate conditions to any future human settlements development, should rezoning approval be granted. </li><li>Should relevant parties not be satisfied with the MPT decision, they will be entitled to appeal the outcome of the applications. </li><li>Should appeals be lodged, these will be considered by the Planning Appeals Advisory Panel (PAAP), which makes a recommendation to the Executive Mayor, who is the final Appeal Authority in terms of the Municipal Planning By-law.</li></ul><p> </p><p> </p><p><strong>End</strong></p><p><br></p>2024-03-19T22:00:00ZGP0|#1d539e44-7c8c-4646-887d-386dc1d95d70;L0|#01d539e44-7c8c-4646-887d-386dc1d95d70|City news;GTSet|#62efe227-07aa-45e7-944c-ceebacca891dGP0|#7b98734d-d9be-4c22-85da-664d04c90132;L0|#07b98734d-d9be-4c22-85da-664d04c90132|land use;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#7e4c0868-d8c1-418f-b054-e83fb97f2301;L0|#07e4c0868-d8c1-418f-b054-e83fb97f2301|housing development10

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