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City adds two more ECD centres to its portfolio<p>The City of Cape Town's Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department is nearing the finish line in the construction of a new Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre in Delft. The construction project is the latest in a series of ongoing interventions to ensure easier access to quality ECD facilities for children in areas of greatest need in the metropole. It comes hot on the heels of the completion of the Nantes ECD in Silvertown, Athlone which is fully operational. </p><p>Built at an overall cost of R8,8 million, the Nantes ECD is just under 500 m² and includes three classrooms for children aged three to four, and two classrooms for four- to five-year-olds. There is also a baby area, sick bay, staff room, ablutions, kitchen area and a store room. Outside, the facility boasts two equipped play areas, a food garden, a recycling area, and a collection and drop-off zone. The centre is able to house over 100 children. </p><p>The Delft ECD Centre in Delft South will be able to house up to 200 children and is expected to be operational towards the end of May. Built at an overall cost of R13 million, the centre features a number of unconventional design and construction features, resulting in a saving of approximately 30%. The building focuses heavily on the reuse of materials and nearly 1 500 m² of pavers were reclaimed from a demolition site and reused at the school. Recast stormwater drainpipes were also used as windows. </p><p>The Nantes and Delft ECD centres bring to 32 the number of City-owned ECDs under the Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department which are leased to private operators. </p><p>‘The City is committed to giving as many children the opportunity of a quality early learning platform as possible. That is why, in conjunction with our build programme, we offer assistance to hundreds of private ECD operators every year through training and resources, but also work closely with the Western Cape Government Department of Social Development to help unregistered ECDs achieve compliance. Many people become frustrated by the rigorous process they have to go through to become registered, but that is what the Children’s Act dictates. It is a national piece of legislation designed to promote child safety and everyone has to abide by it,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security; and Social Services, Alderman JP Smith. </p><p>The City is spending R2,7 million on ECD resourcing and training for staff in this financial year. The training covers a range of areas from first-aid training to business administration, while registered ECDs are also supplied with toys, learning materials, fire extinguishers, etc. This support is in line with the City’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan which prioritises building integrated communities where residents can thrive and make progress. </p><p>In addition, the City has collaborated with the Western Cape Department of Social Development on ECD registration drives in Belhar, Ocean View, Wallacedene, Macassar, Wesbank, Milnerton and Atlantis. There are approximately 3 000 ECDs in Cape Town – fewer than half of them are registered. </p><p>‘Research has shown that a lack of quality opportunities and interventions during early childhood can significantly disadvantage young children and diminish their potential for success. The stark reality is that there is huge demand for childcare services and for many parents the deciding factor is affordability, which presents a major challenge. We must remember that how we invest in children today will shape them tomorrow. As a City, we are committed to understanding the challenges of ECDs and providing real support for this vital sector of our education system,’ added Alderman Smith. </p><div class="image-gallery-slider img-gal-1" id="img-gal-1" data-slides="3" data-slide="1" style="height:493.5px;"><div class="image-gallery-content" style="height:414px;">​​​​ <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-1"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;">Early Childhood Development Centre </figcaption> </figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-2"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;">Early Childhood Development Centre </figcaption> </figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-3"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;">Early Childhood Development Centre </figcaption> </figure> </div><div class="image-gallery-control"><div class="image-gallery-caption"><p> Delft and Nantes Early Childhood Development Centres</p></div><div class="image-gallery-nav"><div class="nav-info">1 of 3</div><div class="slide-next"> <i class="icon arrow-white-next"></i> </div><div class="slide-prev"> <i class="icon arrow-white-prev"></i>​</div></div></div></div>​​ <p> <b>End</b></p> 2017-04-22T22:00:00ZGP0|#e3c03ac1-845c-4119-815d-e796340463ba;L0|#0e3c03ac1-845c-4119-815d-e796340463ba|Community news;GTSet|#62efe227-07aa-45e7-944c-ceebacca891dGP0|#67a38274-6eb4-4def-a739-b18585ff953d;L0|#067a38274-6eb4-4def-a739-b18585ff953d|early chidhood development centre;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#0fc89c5b-9106-458a-9620-ea0f0a7e9719;L0|#00fc89c5b-9106-458a-9620-ea0f0a7e9719|health and social development;GP0|#388bba68-ef2b-4643-b6fe-ca3aea59c2fb;L0|#0388bba68-ef2b-4643-b6fe-ca3aea59c2fb|social and human capital development1

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