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CITY SPEAKER WELCOMES CITY OF JOHANNESBURG CUTS TO COUNCIL CATERING<p>City Speaker Ald Felicity Purchase has welcomed the announcement made yesterday by Johannesburg Speaker, Cllr Margaret Arnolds, that lunch would no longer be served at their council meetings.</p><p>This echoes similar cuts to council lunches, implemented at the City of Cape Town by Ald Purchase, who determined that Council ought to set an example in limiting city expenditure on luxuries such as lunches with immediate effect. </p><p>Further cuts to catering were also made to meetings of the Portfolio Committees and to the party caucuses.</p><p>As a caring City, Cape Town's cost-containment measures and policies have allowed it to cut as much unnecessary budgetary spend as possible, so that the focus always remains on service delivery and putting the needs of its residents and communities first. A cut to the Council's catering spend helps contribute to maintaining that focus. </p><p>'I welcome these cuts as announced by the City of Johannesburg Speaker, Cllr Arnold. </p><p>It is heartening and encouraging to see counterparts in other municipalities cut and curb unnecessary expenditure wherever possible. As leaders and public representatives, irrespective of our location or party affiliation, we should all strive - and be proud – to set this example and show how small sacrifices on our part can make an enormous impact to the benefit of the citizens we serve. </p><p>This is especially relevant at present when considering the harsh winter and inclement weather that has hit South Africans across the country, and where so many struggle daily to survive and provide for themselves and their families' said Speaker, Alderman Felicity Purchase. </p><p><strong> </strong></p><p><strong>End </strong></p><p><br></p>2024-07-09T22:00:00ZGP0|#f7134dee-af0d-4a9e-befd-fec794c6e24d;L0|#0f7134dee-af0d-4a9e-befd-fec794c6e24d|speaker;GTSet|#2e3de6c1-9951-4747-8f53-470629a399bb;GP0|#0fe4a936-eb28-437a-8299-5709316dacd1;L0|#00fe4a936-eb28-437a-8299-5709316dacd1|food;GP0|#e73b8136-98e9-4bfd-9ccd-f72a83520761;L0|#0e73b8136-98e9-4bfd-9ccd-f72a83520761|council meeting10


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