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Subcouncil ward information

Subcouncil ward information

Ward 42

Charles Esau

Current ward allocation projects

Indicator Reference Name Amount Status
Capital WC0430913 M/fontein Old Age Home - Laundry Equipm R11,108 On Schedule
Capital CPX.0017595-F1 Matroosfontein Civic - Upgrade R26,670 On Schedule
Capital CPX.0017654-F1 Elsies River Civic - Recreation Equipm R12,000 Completed
Capital WC0430912 Matroosfontein SG - Recreational Equipm R20,000 Completed
Operating WO0430927 NW Equipment - Ward 42 R50,000 Completed
Capital WC0428907 Adriaanse Library - Books & Material R14,937 Completed
Operating WO0430924 M/fontein Old Age Home - MJCP Worker R60,000 On Schedule
Operating WO0430925 Youth Development - Ward 42 R50,000 Completed
Operating WO0428930 Adriaanse Library - Install Blinds R20,000 Completed
Operating WO0430926 Skills Development - Ward 42 R50,000 Completed
Operating WO0430920 Capacity Building - Ward 42 R200,000 On Schedule
Operating WO0430922 Women's Day Event - Ward 42 R100,000 On Schedule
Operating WO0430923 Canal Cleaning - Ward 42 R100,000 Completed
Operating WO0524909 Bishop Lavis CC - Sports Equipment R80,000 Completed
Operating WO0430928 FSD Hall - MJCP Worker R30,000 On Schedule

Ward committee representatives

Sector Representative

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