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Junior City Council<h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is the Junior City Council?​​​​​​​</h2><p>​The Junior City Council (JCC) is a non-political programme that aims to foster a sense of civic responsibility among the youth, and to develop young people’s skills and self-image so that they can become confident in their abilities to bring about change. The programme aims to equip grade 10 and 11 learners with the skills to be able to become ambassadors for their city and leaders in their communities. Local schools are invited to nominate learners to participate in the programme.<br></p><h2 class="sectHeading">Selection criteria </h2><p>The purpose of the JCC’s selection process is to evaluate each applicant’s capacity for leadership, and their suitability for our civics programme. </p><p>The process will consider a number of areas, such as:</p><ul><li>personal ownership, </li><li>interdependence, </li><li>courage, </li><li>perseverance, and </li><li>intellectual preparedness.</li></ul><p>Since diversity is essential to a strong community, we prioritise selecting learners who represent a range of cultures, religions, and viewpoints from across the city. Every applicant is evaluated on an individual basis, and no candidate will be rejected based on anything other than their age or grade.</p><p>There are three phases to the application process.</p><ul><li> <strong>Phase 1:</strong> Learners will be screened by the selection panel to ensure that they are in the correct grade and city. </li><li> <strong>Phase 2: </strong>Once learners have progressed to phase 2, they will be invited to complete a 1-hour online test. The test consists of 13 multiple-choice questions and 1 essay question. You do not have to prepare any material for the test. Learners have to score a minimum of 80% for the test in order to progress to the last phase. </li><li> <strong>Phase 3: </strong>The last phase of the selection process is an in-person interview. Applicants that make it through to this round will need to prepare a 1-minute (60 second) speech on what their leadership project will be about and why. A panel of five members will conduct the interview at the Civic Centre. Applicants have to score above 80% to be selected for the top 50.<br></li></ul> <span> <div class="notification with-heading dark-copy pink bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info note">​​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>Please note</h4><p> Only 50 learners are selected to become Junior Councillors.<br></p></div></div></span> <h2 class="sectHeading">How to get involved<br></h2><p>​​Schools in Cape Town can nominate learners in Grade 10 and Grade 11 to serve a one-year term on the JCC. Membership is entirely voluntary, and learners are required to spend time and effort dealing with socio-economic issues affecting the youth. </p><p>Learners should evaluate their availability before applying, as they will be required to participate in programme activities at least one Saturday a month. </p><p>The programme offers Grade 10 and Grade 11 learners the opportunity to:<br></p><ul><li>become a City ambassador;<br></li><li>develop key leadership skills;</li><li>enhance community project management skills;</li><li>broaden knowledge of local government; and<br></li><li>cultivate a culture of active citizenry.</li></ul><p> <a href="" target="_blank">Read the JCC Code of Conduct</a>.<br></p> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​How to apply​​​​​​​</h2></span> <span> <div class="notification with-heading dark-copy pink bg-light-grey"><div class="graphic with-border"> <i class="info note">​​​</i> </div><div class="desc"><h4>Please note</h4><p> Applications closed on Sunday, 31 December 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.<br></p></div></div></span> <h2 class="sectHeading">Junior Councillor Project (Leadership Project)</h2><p>As part of your duties as a Junior Councillor, you will be required to initiate and complete a community project. The project can be a series of events, workshops, a soup kitchen or sanitary drive, and is not limited to this list. </p><p> The project is designed to equip the Junior Councillor with the relevant skill set required to be active citizens and to get other community members involved in civic matters. </p><p> At the end of the year, Junior Councillors will present their project outcomes to a panel of judges and will be scored according to the relevant learnings.</p> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​FAQs​​​​​​​</h2></span> <p> <strong>How long is the JCC term?</strong><br>The JCC term is one year. </p><p> <strong>Can I apply if I am in grade 9?</strong><br>No. The programme is only open to grade 10 and 11 learners. </p><p> <strong>Will I learn about politics in the programme?</strong><br>No. The JCC is an apolitical programme and prioritises civic responsibility. </p><p> <strong>Will I be paid as a Junior Councillor?</strong><br>No. You will not be paid. Participation in the JCC is strictly voluntary </p><p> <strong>How much of my time will the JCC take?</strong><br>The JCC will meet at least once a month on a Saturday. Sittings are normally from 08:30 - 13:00. </p><p> <strong>Do I have to be the Head boy or Head girl to be on the JCC?</strong><br>No. Every application will be assessed individually to ensure we select young people who are willing to learn and grow in their personal development process.<br></p><h2 class="sectHeading">Contact us<br></h2> <a href="">Councillor Donovan Nelson (JCC Custodian)</a> <p> <em>Email: <br> <a href=""></a></em></p>GP0|#6c69032b-8d74-46ef-8829-234bb7034750;L0|#06c69032b-8d74-46ef-8829-234bb7034750|Junior City Council;GTSet|#ef3a64a2-d764-44bc-9d69-3a63d3fadea1;GPP|#481bffa1-ad2b-438b-8f7f-90392d02d0e8;GPP|#2ad5ede6-473c-4550-a932-aabda12143b1;GPP|#245ec7aa-a528-4cd3-bcac-597c292db711;GP0|#c9568497-ef1f-4436-9516-7396aedf3145;L0|#0c9568497-ef1f-4436-9516-7396aedf3145|Junior City Council;GPP|#502e0421-6918-421b-a789-87c777489801;GPP|#d3f3e0bd-5b83-4c1f-845c-7e13f8f4e17d;GPP|#af370586-9ba3-404a-9d6e-02066ca42752;GP0|#e5725fad-c3fa-4be2-b49f-52c20aa42f04;L0|#0e5725fad-c3fa-4be2-b49f-52c20aa42f04|Junior City Council;GPP|#54fd5f60-e11c-46b7-b35e-0154e5b30248;GPP|#fdaaa5aa-bac4-497d-b6ea-347f228ec59d;GPP|#e88ff549-973f-4e3c-a46c-cfbe61bd6a24;GP0|#b647026a-6c37-4ad3-be48-cb8f2c36c36d;L0|#0b647026a-6c37-4ad3-be48-cb8f2c36c36d|Join the Junior City Council;GPP|#05e6ab13-4ce8-44dd-8342-e2483d740259;GPP|#4a553a67-2cba-4911-9745-a724e38b645aLearn about the Cape Town Junior City Council, including how to get involved and the executive committee.0



Junior City Council Code of Conduct185048GP0|#e814022c-2e45-4465-887b-b6cd814e158b;L0|#0e814022c-2e45-4465-887b-b6cd814e158b|Regulation;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#d8892104-ce90-493e-b813-93c488f4b1d3;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e2023-11-30T22:00:00Z



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