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Subcouncil ward information

Subcouncil ward information

Ward 113

Joy Solomon

Current ward allocation projects

Indicator Reference Name Amount Status
Capital WC03113920 Upgrade Parks - Ward 113 R250,000 On Schedule
Capital WC03113921 CCTV Cameras - Ward 113 R110,000 Not Started
Capital WC03113922 Traffic Calming - Ward 113 R120,000 On Schedule
Operating WO03113919 Seniors programme - Ward 113 R30,000 On Schedule
Operating WO03113920 Law Enforcement Overtime - Ward 113 R200,000 On Schedule
Operating WO03113921 Park Maintenance - Ward 113 R80,000 Behind Schedule
Operating WO03113922 Traffic Services Overtime - Ward 113 R120,000 On Schedule
Operating WO03113923 Maintenance CCTV/LPR Cameras - Ward 113 R90,000 On Schedule

Ward committee representatives

Sector Representative

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