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Subcouncil ward information

Subcouncil ward information

Ward 84

Norman McFarlane

Current ward allocation projects

Indicator Reference Name Amount Status
Capital WC2484312 Bizweni Park - Gym Equipment R30,000 Completed
Capital CPX.0021982-F1 CCTV Cameras - Ward 84 R110,000 Completed
Capital WC2484304 Somerset West Lib - Books & Materials R50,000 Completed
Capital WC2484313 SLP Village Library - Books & Materials R19,997 Completed
Capital WC2484309 Traffic Calming - Ward 84 R140,000 On Schedule
Capital WC2484315 Barnabas Shaw Park - Gym Equipment R40,000 Completed
Capital WC2484311 CCTV/PTZ Cameras - Ward 84 R350,000 On Schedule
Capital WC2415306 Cnr Dummer & Irene Road Park - Fencing R50,000 Completed
Capital WC2484308 Chris Nissen Park - Gym Equipment R30,000 Completed
Capital WC2484310 Sidewalk Construction - Ward 84 R150,000 On Schedule
Operating WO2484310 NW Patrol Equipment - Ward 84 R30,000 Completed
Operating WO2484305 Area Cleaning - Ward 84 R50,000 On Schedule
Operating WO2484309 Employ Outreach Workers - Ward 84 R40,000 On Schedule
Operating WO2484306 Canal Cleaning - Ward 84 R20,000 Completed
Operating WO2484308 River Cleaning - Ward 84 R30,000 Completed
Operating WO2484307 Road Markings - Ward 84 R50,000 Completed

Ward committee representatives

Sector Representative

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