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Subcouncil ward information

Subcouncil ward information

Ward 59

Mikhail Manuel

Current ward allocation projects

Indicator Reference Name Amount Status
Capital WC2059309 CCTV / LPR Cameras - Ward 59 R245,000 On Schedule
Capital WC2059311 Traffic Calming - Ward 59 R130,000 On Schedule
Capital WC2059310 Cycle Lane Installation - Ward 59 R50,000 Behind Schedule
Capital WC2059312 Upgrade Roads - Ward 59 R94,920 Completed
Capital WC2059313 Paradise Park - Upgrade R72,000 Completed
Capital WC2059314 Draper Street Park - Upgrade R71,000 Completed
Capital WC2059315 Liesbeek Walk Way - Upgrade R74,000 Completed
Capital WC2059316 Palmboom Road Park - Upgrade R35,000 Completed
Capital WC2059317 Roslyn Road Park - Gym Equipment R14,896 Completed
Capital WC2059318 Kent Road Park - Upgrade R12,000 Completed
Capital WC1159305 Rosebank Village Green Park - Upgrade R138,000 Completed
Capital WC1159306 Erin Park - Gym Equipment R45,386 Completed
Operating WO1159312 Cleansing / Street Sweeping - Ward 59 R150,000 On Schedule

Ward committee representatives

Sector Representative

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