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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 14

Agenda item no

14SUB 8/3/2023



Meeting date

Monday, March 13, 2023



Date closed

Thursday, May 04, 2023

Resolution detail

The Chairperson introduced the item on Leasing of Facility annexed to the Heideveld ECD (ERF 100836). The Subcouncil Manager gave an opportunity to the official to explain the item. Cllr Moses said he see that the organisation is registered in the database and would like their details and that the documents are not included in the report annexures and how will they be able to know who are the applicants and do they reside in the ward. Mrs. Williams said that the advert was distributed to organisation in the ward and the broader community through the Public Participation Unit and they attended the workshop and the adjudication was done and they were successful. She said all the supporting documents were sent out as part of the initial attachment and on the 20th February. It was the final advert as well as the scoring criteria as mentioned in the report. Cllr Nikelo wanted to find out if there were any missing documents in the report attached. Maybe it was sent to the Subcouncil and not included in the agenda. Mr Daniels said that the final advert and the scoring criteria are included and will have to check if there are documents outstanding. Mrs. Williams said that there no documents missing these are the only two that were listed in the report. Cllr Moses said he would like to get the NGO documents and all the documents that where submitted as they usually received the documents. Mrs. Williams said that they do not send out the information of the applicants they received the applications and they were vetted according to the requirements of the application. Cllr Nikelo said that we be able to get the information of the applicants for information as they have already exercised their delegated authority and adjudicated the ward councillor would also like to do verification. Mrs. Williams said they will provide their business plans. Cllr Moses said they understand the POPI Act, would not want the details to be tabled in a subcouncil report, and would like to get an email with the details of the organisation.
Cllr Nikelo said that the Subcouncil is not the decision maker it is just for noting, as people who are playing an oversight for the community the councillor should be aware. He said that would they want to confirm whether the organisation is on the Community Organisations Database of the Subcouncil. Mrs. Williams said that the advert was ent to the Subcouncil and the organisations on the database and they will send the email and will get confirmation if the organization is registered.
Ald Jacobs moved for noting of the report supported by Cllr Moses.

RESOLVED That the report on Leasing of facility annexed to the Heideveld ECD (ERF 100836) BE NOTED . Action: ABIGAIL JACOBS WILLIAMS

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