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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 12

Agenda item no

12SUB 11/5/2022



Meeting date

Thursday, May 19, 2022



Date closed

Resolution detail

1. Subcouncil 12 RESOLVED to RECOMMEND that the Executive Mayor together with Mayoral Committee recommend to Council that;

a)  Subcouncil 12 supports the review the informal trading plan of  the Protea Road trading areas in Annexures A, B, C and D.
b)  Based on the process prescribed in the Informal Trading By- law, Council adopts the revised Informal Trading Plan for Ward 35 in
      Philippi East, as indicated in Annexures A, B, C and D
c)  The areas indicated on Annexures A, B, C and D be declared areas in which the carrying on of the business of street vendor, peddler or
     hawker is prohibited, with the exception of the informal trading bays reflected in Annexures A, B, C and D.

d)  Declare the areas indicated on Annexures A, B, C and D areas that are restricted to persons in possession of a valid informal trading
     permit issued by the City of Cape Town for the particular trading spaces.
e) The trading bays mentioned in Annexures A, B, C and D be let out by means of a permit system and that no street vending, peddling or
     hawking be permitted in these informal trading bays if a person is not in possession of a valid permit for the particular trading spaces.
f)  The trading hours for all approved informal trading sites be from 06:00 to 19:00 from Mondays to Sundays

g)  In terms of the provisions of the Businesses Act, Act 71 of 1991, Council to revoke the proclamation as published in the Province of
     Western Cape: Provincial Gazette No. 6091 on 12 December 2003
h)  The amended, approved informal trading plan be published in the Provincial Gazette in terms of the informal trading by-law.
i)   Subcouncil 12 note the comments (annexure F) from the external public participation process held on 03 June 2021 and  support the
     responses provided by Area Economic Development.
j)  Subcouncil 12 support and recommend to Council that the objections contained in annexure F not to be upheld for the reasons stated in
    the report.
2. Subcouncil 12 NOTES and SUPPORTS the Consideration for the Review of the Informal Trading plan for Protea Road (Ward 35) Philippi

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