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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 16

Agenda item no

16SUB 3/5/2022 SM



Meeting date

Friday, May 06, 2022



Date closed

Resolution detail

RESOLVED to RECOMMEND that Erf 20414 Cape Town, situated between Mill and Amsterdam Streets, Brooklyn, Cape Town, in extent 4 390 m² and as indicated as ABCD on Plan 130009332v1, as Annexure A attached to the report, BE RESERVED for the Human Settlements Directorate, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The subject property shall be utilised for the purpose of the relocation of persons identified in need of housing and currently residing in a tented community;
  1. The Human Settlements Department takes responsibility for the required land use processes, as well as compliance with any related legislation;
  1. That cognizance be taken of the branch comments and conditions listed under paragraph 8 below, and where applicable, such conditions be complied with.
  1. The said Department accepts full responsibility for the management of the land and any structure to be erected thereon, including maintenance, utility consumption and security, as is applicable;
  1. That all costs related to the above be provided for by the Human Settlements Directorate.
             The following additional conditions be included;
f)That the use of the subject property for the emergency housing project
not exceed a maximum period of 5 years
g)That the maximum number of emergency housing units on the subject
property be limited to 100
h)Access to the subject property must be created from Section Street,
  1.   That detailed design of the entrance and the site be developed in
consultation with the Ward Councillor and the Subcouncil
  1.   That the policy provisions for the greening of the Canal Banks as
outlined in the Milnerton South – Paarden Eiland Local Spatial
Development Framework be considered in the design of this emergency
housing project
  1.   That Property Management investigate the acquisition of Erven 20782
and 20730 for emergency housing
  •   That a comprehensive public participation process be implemented to
  obtain the view of residents and stakeholders

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