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Sir Lowry’s Pass Fire Station <p>The City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Service (CTFRS) consists of 32 fire stations and deals with all types of fires, emergencies and rescues. The Sir Lowry’s Pass Fire Station provides an efficient and effective fire and rescue service to Nomzamo, Lwandle, Sir Lowry’s Pass and Chris Nissan Park up to the eastern boundary, between the Gordon’s Bay and Grabouw area. It also serves as back up to the Strand and Somerset West fire stations.</p><h4>General enquiries</h4><p><em>Telephone:<br><a> 021 814 1360</a></em></p><h4>Emergencies</h4><p><em>Primary telephone:<br> <a>107</a><br><br> Secondary telephone:<br> <a>021 480 7700</a></em></p> Cnr Old Sir Lowry’s Pass and Onverwacht roads, Sir Lowry’s Pass<p>​24 hours</p><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#a8f0194f-960b-4751-995c-805ec4e3c6d8;L0|#0a8f0194f-960b-4751-995c-805ec4e3c6d8|Rescue Services;GTSet|#f9aff7f8-0cfa-49a2-b7df-1c34f0e053e8;GP0|#51cbcf4c-89f2-4b6c-b5fb-73cc1caa39dd;L0|#051cbcf4c-89f2-4b6c-b5fb-73cc1caa39dd|Evacuation and emergency services;GP0|#7f60eec8-ecca-4e2d-b34c-f3211f1e526c;L0|#07f60eec8-ecca-4e2d-b34c-f3211f1e526c|Traffic accident assistance;GP0|#7e518e20-777c-4574-ac77-b12a63d3018c;L0|#07e518e20-777c-4574-ac77-b12a63d3018c|Fire education;GP0|#9d4e8584-e527-48f8-a9b3-127cefb72afb;L0|#09d4e8584-e527-48f8-a9b3-127cefb72afb|Education programmes





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