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Apricot Place<p>​Apricot Place is an assisted living complex that provides safe, comfortable housing for persons over the age of 60.</p><p>We manage 11 complexes for older persons (507 units) across the city. These are self-catering units and the tenants have to be able-bodied and not in need of frail care. The persons can be single or in a relationship. They can access a unit by applying via the City Database. Applicants are subject to the National and City eligibility criteria. The Human Settlements Directorate determines who is admitted.​</p><p>The complexes are managed by an Area Manager with the assistance of an on-site caregiver. The caregiver advises the Area Manager of maintenance required by tenants; calls the ambulance during the night if and when a tenant is ill; arranges for the garbage to be taken.</p><p>Occupants pay rent according to the individual’s income.</p><p>There are 56 units at Apricot Place.</p><h4>Kuhn Hestern</h4> <p> <em>Telephone: </em> <br> <em> <a>021 695 1077</a>​</em></p>89 Apricot Street, Bonteheuwel<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#98198f40-b311-4c2b-9852-ca96a47ca57a;L0|#098198f40-b311-4c2b-9852-ca96a47ca57a|Assisted living;GTSet|#f9aff7f8-0cfa-49a2-b7df-1c34f0e053e8;GP0|#21ec0846-97bc-4d78-968b-211577787f5a;L0|#021ec0846-97bc-4d78-968b-211577787f5a|Caregiving;GP0|#c0e42673-c4f9-4df1-a2af-2ea5ee94082f;L0|#0c0e42673-c4f9-4df1-a2af-2ea5ee94082f|Maintenance





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