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Zeekoevlei Environmental Education Centre<p>We believe that through environmental education, we will form partnerships to conserve, protect, nurture and care for our environment and invoke in the youth community a sense of environmental pride and responsibility that promotes environmentally sustainable lifestyles, behaviour and actions.</p><p>The Zeekoevlei Environmental Education Centre is situated on the west shore of the vlei in the False Bay Nature Reserve. Another education centre is located on the south shore, called the False Bay Environmental Education Centre. Their themes and programmes include general biodiversity, wetlands, waste and general marine and coastal. Programmes can be tailor made.</p><p>The centres also offer holiday programmes and host special environmental days/weeks and activity-based learning such as litter clean-ups or invasive species removal. Talks and guided hikes can be arranged. </p><p>School groups can visit the “Otter” bush camp on an island in Rondevlei. Camps can be arranged through the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET).</p>GP0|#eefb27eb-ee80-4b58-9ce0-539807249e0a;L0|#0eefb27eb-ee80-4b58-9ce0-539807249e0a|Education and training activities;GTSet|#153637b8-411d-4bf7-8214-7237f5d775f0;GP0|#24d49d1f-8809-4604-a23e-0b2c6ac7de3d;L0|#024d49d1f-8809-4604-a23e-0b2c6ac7de3d|Environmental programmes;GP0|#c1e5d546-fbb7-45de-8435-f37f6dbc4c09;L0|#0c1e5d546-fbb7-45de-8435-f37f6dbc4c09|Hiking and walking;GP0|#6faa608b-413c-4219-8a62-aac242c8e349;L0|#06faa608b-413c-4219-8a62-aac242c8e349|Overnight camping<p>For a detailed list of costs please consult the tariffs in the document downloads section below.</p><h4>​Bronwen Amayo</h4><p> <em>Telephone: </em> <br> <em><a>021 396 4283</a></em></p><p> <em>Fax: </em> <br> <em><a>021 396 4291</a></em></p> <p> <em>Email:</em><br><a href=""><em></em></a></p>GP0|#b2c3428f-d170-4c1e-b648-7ef17f00bca5;L0|#0b2c3428f-d170-4c1e-b648-7ef17f00bca5|Nature reserve;GTSet|#4be4596d-cdfe-41f7-a569-9d9c4e16c716;GP0|#e999f8f7-5d87-4fa6-a9ab-25ab32238695;L0|#0e999f8f7-5d87-4fa6-a9ab-25ab32238695|Camp site(s)<p>​​</p>Peninsula Road, Grassy Park<p>​Fees vary depending on the activities offered.<br></p><p>​Monday to Friday <br>07:30 – 16:00</p><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />





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