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Zoarvlei Wetland Conservation Area<p>​Zoarvlei Wetland is situated between the Paarden Eiland Industrial Centre and the suburbs of Rugby and Brooklyn. It forms part of the larger Table Bay Nature Reserve proclaimed in June 2012. The reserve protects diverse bird life, including a variety of water birds and gulls. The wetland is covered in reeds, with some open water. The dry land preserves a range of spring and annual flowers.</p><p>Zoarvlei has the potential to be an attractive area. Until 2012 the area was not visitor-friendly and was further spoiled by illegal waste dumping. Funding from CoastCare has since been obtained, and the area is being rehabilitated. The West Coast Field Studies Centre runs popular environmental education programmes at Zoarvlei to enhance the area’s value to the public.</p>GP0|#24d49d1f-8809-4604-a23e-0b2c6ac7de3d;L0|#024d49d1f-8809-4604-a23e-0b2c6ac7de3d|Environmental programmes;GTSet|#153637b8-411d-4bf7-8214-7237f5d775f0;GP0|#754dde40-8789-4494-9113-50ac9121fd42;L0|#0754dde40-8789-4494-9113-50ac9121fd42|Nature appreciation<h4>​General enquiries</h4><p> <em>Telephone: </em> <br> <em><a>021 689 9141</a>​</em></p>GP0|#2ebd98bc-cc62-4ce0-a267-29e2121e5b6b;L0|#02ebd98bc-cc62-4ce0-a267-29e2121e5b6b|Walking pathways;GTSet|#4be4596d-cdfe-41f7-a569-9d9c4e16c716Paarden Eiland, between the Paarden Eiland Industrial Centre and the suburbs of Rugby and Brooklyn.<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />





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