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Miller's Point Beach<p>Miller’s Point is primarily used by anglers and divers as it is the main boat-launching spot on the southern side of the False Bay coast. A little further along from the northern slipway is the Miller’s Point caravan park and Black Marlin restaurant, renowned for its seafood. The diverse and abundant sea life in this marine protected area is a drawcard for recreational scuba diving and spearfishing.</p><p>Miller’s Point is also a popular place to launch sea-kayaks and surfskis. While sea-kayakers generally opt for calm conditions for a scenic paddle to Cape Point, surfskiers come here in howling southeasters for the ‘Miller’s Run’, riding the swells back to Fish Hoek.</p> GP0|#b0341be0-21cc-4396-b99d-5d2f2853ace6;L0|#0b0341be0-21cc-4396-b99d-5d2f2853ace6|Water sports;GTSet|#153637b8-411d-4bf7-8214-7237f5d775f0;GP0|#c8881a58-3046-4fb2-a0b8-f3188a703c6c;L0|#0c8881a58-3046-4fb2-a0b8-f3188a703c6c|Fishing and angling;GP0|#3f8e4bc8-4523-405e-adfd-c50efbf8a8cc;L0|#03f8e4bc8-4523-405e-adfd-c50efbf8a8cc|Diving;GP0|#4f97464e-7b95-401b-a7de-5608e592ff97;L0|#04f97464e-7b95-401b-a7de-5608e592ff97|Safe swimming<h4>Bookings and permits:<br></h4><p> <em> Telephone: <br> <a>078 173 1867</a> </em> </p><p> <em>Email: <br><a href=""></a></em> </p><p>Please see the Recreation and Parks Tariffs Booklet in the document download section below for more information about booking a facility.<br></p><h4>General enquries</h4><p> <em>Telephone:<br><a>078 173 1867</a></em></p><p>View the <a href="" target="_blank">Recreation and Parks Facility Contact List</a>.<br></p>GP0|#6fb82646-b411-48e6-b0d4-52898add42c8;L0|#06fb82646-b411-48e6-b0d4-52898add42c8|Parking;GTSet|#4be4596d-cdfe-41f7-a569-9d9c4e16c716;GP0|#bb94a941-26a1-451c-a284-25bdbb3d6c15;L0|#0bb94a941-26a1-451c-a284-25bdbb3d6c15|Boat launch and slipway;GP0|#b1b8ebb5-98fd-44d8-8d5f-fc9433daab5e;L0|#0b1b8ebb5-98fd-44d8-8d5f-fc9433daab5e|ToiletsMurdock Valley, False Bay<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />





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