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Frank's Beach<p>​Frank's Beach is a small rocky cove situated in Simon's Town. The granite boulders that border the beach protect it from the wind, and the water is often calm enough for ocean kayaking, fishing and snorkeling. The shallow rock pools are perfect for children to splash in and explore. Although this beach is considered safe for swimming, it is recommended that beach goers only swim when and where a lifeguard is on duty.</p><p>Frank's Beach is not far from Boulders Beach, famous for its penguin colony. There is no designated parking area. It is recommended that visitors park opposite Fisherman's Beach, a short walk away.</p>GP0|#4f97464e-7b95-401b-a7de-5608e592ff97;L0|#04f97464e-7b95-401b-a7de-5608e592ff97|Safe swimming;GTSet|#153637b8-411d-4bf7-8214-7237f5d775f0;GP0|#9c8c0075-e925-4024-a33f-8df78b8a4f92;L0|#09c8c0075-e925-4024-a33f-8df78b8a4f92|Dog walking;GP0|#9c9d1b78-0e71-4321-8e7b-efb77f980652;L0|#09c9d1b78-0e71-4321-8e7b-efb77f980652|Fishing<p>​Please see the Recreation and Parks Tariffs Booklet in the document download section below for more information about booking a facility.</p><h4>​General enquiries</h4><p> <em>Telephone:</em><br><em><a>021 782 8546</a></em></p><h4>District office</h4><p> <em>Telephone:</em><br><em><a>021 788 1929</a></em></p>GP0|#b1b8ebb5-98fd-44d8-8d5f-fc9433daab5e;L0|#0b1b8ebb5-98fd-44d8-8d5f-fc9433daab5e|Toilets;GTSet|#4be4596d-cdfe-41f7-a569-9d9c4e16c716;GP0|#f322ea5c-24d6-4e39-a76d-092cdeba3ee1;L0|#0f322ea5c-24d6-4e39-a76d-092cdeba3ee1|Dogs on leads allowedMain Road, Simon’s Town<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />





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