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Water and Sanitation Department<div class="image-gallery-slider img-gal-1" id="img-gal-1" data-slides="5" data-slide="1" style="height:493.5px;"><div class="image-gallery-content" style="height:414px;"> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-1"> <img class="responsive" alt="Litterboom initiative helps keep our rivers cleaner" src="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p>The City supports the <a href="">Litterboom initiative</a> that helps to keep our rivers cleaner.</p></figcaption></figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-2"> <img class="responsive" alt="Litter booms were installed along the Black River." src="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p>Three litter booms were <a href="">installed along the Black River</a>.</p> </figcaption> </figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-3"> <img class="responsive" alt="The booms trap solid waste" src="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p>The <a href="">booms trap solid waste</a> and prevent it from reaching the ocean.</p> </figcaption> </figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-4"> <img class="responsive" alt="The booms are cleared every week" src="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p>The booms are <a href="">cleared of litter and other light waste every week</a> and the waste is recycled.</p> </figcaption> </figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-5"> <img class="responsive" alt="The booms are located downstream of Vygekraal, Blomvlei, Bokmakierrie, Jakkalsvlei and Elsieskraal Rivers" src="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p>The <a href="">booms are located downstream</a> of the Vygekraal, Blomvlei, Bokmakierrie, Jakkalsvlei and Elsieskraal rivers.</p></figcaption></figure> </div> <div class="image-gallery-control"><div class="image-gallery-caption"><p>The Litterboom Project</p></div><div class="image-gallery-nav"><div class="nav-info">1 of 5</div><div class="slide-next"> <i class="icon arrow-white-next"></i> </div><div class="slide-prev"> <i class="icon arrow-white-prev"></i> </div></div></div></div><p> <strong>​Bulk Water Branch</strong><br>The Bulk Water Branch manages water catchment areas, storage dams, groundwater sources, water treatment works and bulk water bulk supply lines.</p><p> <strong>Reticulation Branch</strong><br>The Reticulation Branch distributes drinking water to consumers and conveys wastewater to treatment works through a network of pipelines, pump stations and reservoirs. They also convey treated effluent (recycled) water to large users and to collection points for construction and industrial contractors.</p><p> <strong>Catchment, Stormwater and River Management Branch</strong><br> The Catchment, Stormwater and River Management Branch is responsible for strategic planning for the City’s stormwater system, which includes the management of river systems and their drainage catchments in order to manage flood risk, improve water quality and optimise the harvesting of stormwater as a valuable water resource.</p><p> <strong>Wastewater Treatment Works Branch</strong><br>Wastewater treatment works have the important job of treating used water (effluent) and making it safe before discharging it into the environment.</p><p> <strong>Water Demand Management and Strategy Branch</strong><br>The Water Demand Management and Strategy Branch provide a planning service and is responsible for policy development and the development and enforcement of by-laws. The branch also coordinates water demand management programmes, quality management, awareness programmes, information management and business reporting.</p><p> <strong>Engineering and Asset Management Branch</strong><br>The Engineering and Asset Management Branch ensures the electrical and mechanical maintenance of the water and sanitation equipment and facilities. They also provide risk management, fleet management and health and safety services for the Water and Sanitation department.</p><p> <strong>Scientific Services Branch​​</strong><br>The Scientific Services Branch ensures that our <a href="">water is of excellent quality</a> and in compliance with strict water quality checks as prescribed by the national Department of Water and Sanitation. Scientific Services conducts extensive testing of drinking water including chemical and microbiological analysis in accordance with SANS 241:2015. In addition, they test treated wastewater from wastewater treatment works, water from rivers and vleis, and perform air pollution testing.</p><p> <strong>Finance and Commercial Branch</strong><br>The Finance and Commercial Branch’s functions include revenue management (including meter reading and billing), budgeting and accounting.</p><p> <strong>Auxiliary Services Branch</strong><br>The Auxiliary Services Branch provides an administrative role to the Water and Sanitation Department including information management, record management, ​facilities management, the coordination of EPWP employees and provide communication and stakeholder management.</p><p> <strong>HR Business Partner Branch</strong><br>​​The HR Business Partner Branch provides an administrative role to the Water and Sanitation Department which includes training and human relations support.​</p><p>We provide Cape Town’s residents, business and industry with clean, safe and reliable drinking water and treat wastewater. This entails many diverse responsibilities ranging from the management of water catchments areas and water storage to the treatment of wastewater and its safe disposal back into the environment.<br> <br>Our infrastructure includes 11 dams, 12 water treatment works, 500 pump stations, 130 reservoirs and 23 wastewater treatment facilities. Our teams maintain 20 000 km of pipeline and on an average day respond to over 400 pipe bursts, water leaks and sewer blockages. Each month we read and bill more than 650 000 water meters. <br><br>For further information download our <a href="" target="_blank">Water Services and the Cape Town Urban Water Cycle booklet</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">watch our video</a><i class="icon link-external"></i>.</p><p>We work to the highest standards and aim to deliver excellent water and sanitation services. We have received a number of awards for providing some of the best drinking water in the country, the quality of our wastewater treatment, the lowest water losses of all metropolitan areas in the country, and the excellence of our systems. We aim to reduce vulnerability to climate change and other shocks through the implementation of our <a href="" target="_blank">2019 Cape Town Water Strategy</a>. </p> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">​​​​​​​​​​​​Customer Satisfaction Survey​​​​​​</h2></span> <p> We conducted an annual Water and Sanitation Customer Satisfaction Survey to gain insight into your needs and measure customer satisfaction in terms of what is expected by the <a href="" target="_blank"> Consumer Charter</a>.<br><br>View the latest <a href="" target="_blank">Customer Satisfaction Survey Report</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Executive Summary</a>.</p><span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link"> <a href="">Access the weekly dam levels report</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Download and read our 2019 Cape Town Water Strategy</a><br> <a href="" target="_blank">Download and read our Inland Water Quality Report</a><br><a href="">Find a qualified, register plumber</a><br><a href="">Find out about water restrictions</a><br><a href="">Find out about saving water</a><br><a href="">Find out about water quality in Cape Town</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Find out about water services and the Cape Town Urban Water Cycle</a><br><a href="">Find out where your wastewater goes</a><br><a href="">Find out where your water comes from</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Find out how the City finds and fixes leaks</a><br><a href="">Know your water regulations</a><br><a href="">Learn about alternative water sources</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Learn about the most commonly-used water and sanitation restriction tariffs</a><br><a href="">Learn about water and sanitation charges for business</a><br><a href="">Learn about water and sanitation charges for formal housing</a><br><a href="">Learn about water and sanitation services in informal settlements</a><br><a href="">Learn how to keep our sewers free from stormwater</a><br><a href="">Learn how to prevent sewer blockages</a><br><a href="">Learn more about water management devices</a><br><a href="">Learn more about your water meter</a><br><a href="">Pay your bill</a><br><a href="">See all water and sanitation reports and publications</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">View the Wayleaves application process</a><br><a href="">Visit our Think Water page</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Visit our Youtube channel</a><i class="icon link-external"></i> <br></li></ul></span><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><h4>​Contact the 24-hour Corporate Contact Centre to report an issue such as:</h4><ul><li>burst pipes and water leaks;</li><li>faulty water meter;</li><li>blocked and overflowing sewer;</li><li>pollution to stormwater and river;</li><li>illegal use of water (dampening of building sand, hosing down paved areas, watering outside stipulated hours, tampering with water connections);</li><li>missing or stolen manhole cover; and</li><li>damaged or vandalised communal taps or toilets in informal settlements.</li></ul> <span> <div class="contact"><h4>24-hour Corporate Contact Centre</h4><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a><em>0860 103 089</em></a> (choose option 2: water-related faults)</li><li>SMS: <br> <a><em>31373</em></a><em> </em>(free SMSes do not apply)</li><li>Email:<br><a href=""><em></em></a><em>   </em> </li></ul><h4>Account enquiries</h4><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a><em>0860 103 089</em></a> (select option 1) </li><li>Email: <br><a href=""><em></em></a><em> </em></li></ul> <h4>Development enquiries</h4><p>Planners, developers and consultants can request information on water and sanitation service capacity or as-built information for developments. Researchers, institutions and students can also request information for analysis, research or other applications. <br><br>Please note that security controls are in place regarding the type and extent of information that can be provided, as well as the use of the information.</p><address><ul><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a> </li></ul></address></div></span>

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