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Urban Planning and Design Department<p> <strong>​Metropolitan Spatial Planning </strong> <br>This branch is responsible for the preparation of the Cape Town Municipal Spatial Development Framework, the Built Environment Performance Plan (BEPP) and the City’s Growth Management Plan, as well as associated metropolitan spatial and growth management planning, policy development and research.</p><p><strong>District Spatial Planning </strong> <br>District Spatial Planning is responsible for the preparation of Cape Town’s eight district spatial development plans and local spatial development frameworks, as well as providing spatial planning input and proactive planning assistance to corporate investment projects and development applications. This branch also seeks to implement initiatives that bridge policy intentions with land use regulation.</p><p> <strong>Urban Design </strong> <br>This branch is responsible for the preparation of urban design and landscape architecture policies and frameworks as well as the implementation of the City’s Quality Public Spaces Programme. We also provide an urban design service to City departments and give input into development applications to enhance the quality of the public realm. </p><p>The Architecture unit within this branch provides professional architectural services to City departments constructing corporate and public facilities.</p><p><strong>Project Packaging </strong> <br>This unit is responsible for the formulation of investment plans for priority transit-oriented investment areas in the city. They are also responsible for the preparation and packaging of strategically located property development projects that implement the spatial vision for Cape Town and demonstrate, in practice, the spatial planning and urban design principles of the City’s plans and policies. </p><p><strong>Capital Programme Implementation</strong><br>The Capital Programme Implementation Branch is responsible for the construction of public space improvement projects associated with the Quality Public Spaces Programme. They also advise and monitor the broader capital investment programme for the directorate. This branch also includes a Construction Management Unit which provides an internal professional construction management service to City departments constructing corporate and public facilities.</p><p> <strong>Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme</strong><br>The Mayor’s Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) works on targeted CBDs, centres and community nodes within a limited number of geographic areas of the City. They aim to introduce integrated urban management and the coordination of planning, community engagement and investment. The objective being to uplift former neglected, dysfunctional areas which are regressing rapidly and to improve safety, quality of life and the socio-economic situation with a particular focus on the public/shared environment.</p><p>Urban Planning and Design is a unique department, with work ranging from spatial and integrated planning at a metropolitan scale to local area spatial planning and design, while packaging strategic projects that have the potential to realise the City’s planning objectives.</p><p>The department also designs and implements capital projects, and works with communities to plan and establish sustainable models of local area integrated planning and urban management. </p><p>Our aim is to guide the spatial and physical transformation of Cape Town through coordinating, developing and monitoring spatial policies, plans and research, which seek to inform and lead the City’s investment and development plans going forward. </p><p>We are responsible for preparing a city-wide spatial development framework as part of the City’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP). This requires integrating and balancing the various requirements of different sectors – such as housing, transport, utilities and economic development – that affect and influence the spatial growth, form and performance of Cape Town. </p><p>We provide built environment guidance through spatial planning and urban design frameworks, policies and guidelines, and ongoing strategic advice, facilitation and monitoring – in particular, through the development of strategy and investment plans for the City’s priority transit-oriented investment corridors.</p><p>While Urban Planning and Design has its own programme, the department also acts as an in-house service provider to other City line departments, providing services such as urban planning and design; site feasibility and preparation; landscape architecture; qualitative input into land use and building development applications; and architectural, project and construction management. </p><span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link"><div class="list-links">​ <a title="title" href="" target="_blank">Visit the ECAMP portal<i class="icon link-external"></i>​</a><a title="title" href="">See Cape Town's spatial development framework</a><a title="title" href="">See our district plans</a><a title="title" href="">See area ba​sed policies and guidelines</a></div></li></ul></span><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><h4>Office of the Director</h4><h4>Dilshard Modak </h4><p> <em>Telephone: <br> <a>021 400 9411</a>​<br><br> <em>Email: <br> <a href=""></a></em></em></p><em></em>

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