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Urban Planning and Design Department<span> <div class="image-gallery-slider img-gal-1" id="img-gal-1" data-slide="1" data-slides="8" style="height:500px;"> <div class="image-gallery-content" style="height:510px;">​​​​<figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-1"><img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /><figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>UPD programme charters:</strong> The seven overarching programmes in the Urban Planning and Design Department are guided by the <a href="">City’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP)</a>. <br></p> </figcaption></figure><figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-2"><img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /><figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Managed urbanisation:</strong> Initiatives to ensure adequate service delivery for population growth, including <a href="" target="_blank">Land Use Modelling</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Land Identification</a>. </p> </figcaption></figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-3"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Spatial data and analyses:</strong> Initiatives include the <a href="">Spatial Trends Report</a> and Undeveloped and Partially Developed Land Inventory (UPDLI).</p> </figcaption></figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-4"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Economic growth:</strong> Current projects include the <a href="">Heritage Exemptions</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Incentive Overlay Zone</a> and Environmental Authorisation Exemptions. </p> </figcaption> </figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-5"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Local area planning initiatives: </strong><a href="">Recently approved Local Area Plans include Bo-Kaap, Mamre and District 6 LSDFs</a>. </p> </figcaption></figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-6"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Quality public spaces:</strong> Completed projects include <a href="" target="_blank">Bonteheuwel Freedom Square</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Witzands Multipurpose Centre</a>. </p> </figcaption></figure> <figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-7"> <img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /> <figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Sustainable built environment:</strong> Completed projects include <a href="" target="_blank">DuNoon Library</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Helderberg Nature Reserve Environmental Centre</a>.<br></p></figcaption></figure><figure class="itemSlide slide-left slide-8"><img src="" class="responsive" alt="" style="display:none;" /><figcaption class="image-slide-text" style="display:none;"> <p> <strong>Project packaging:</strong> Facilitating development by preparing and packaging land for development and/or release. </p> </figcaption></figure> </div><div class="image-gallery-control"><div class="image-gallery-caption"><p></p></div><div class="image-gallery-nav"><div class="nav-info">1 of 8</div><div class="slide-next"> <i class="icon arrow-white-next"></i> </div><div class="slide-prev"> <i class="icon arrow-white-prev"></i>​​</div></div></div></div></span><h4>Metro-Spatial Planning and Growth Management </h4><p>This branch is responsible for preparing the <a href="">Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF)</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Land Use Model (urbanisation estimates)</a>, and other spatially targeted initiatives. It focuses on spatial data and analyses that serve as the basis for the organisation's planning policies and strategies that target sustainable urbanisation, and is often the primary link to the sectoral plans developed by various directorates in the City.<br></p><p>The Information and Knowledge Management Unit is a key role player in the utilisation of big data for the spatial analysis of trends in the built environment. The Metro Spatial Targeting Unit focusses on key projects in land preparation and feasibilities that support the City's Property Development Department, as well as local planning for key central business districts. </p> <h4> District Planning and Mechanisms </h4><p>The District Planning and Mechanisms branch is responsible for preparing Cape Town’s eight <a href="">District Spatial Development Frameworks (DSDFs)</a> and various <a href="">Local Spatial Development Frameworks (LSDFs)</a>, as well as providing spatial planning input and proactive planning assistance for capital projects and development applications. </p><p> Its spatial targeting and mechanism unit’s core focus is to:<br></p><ul><li>Enhance the reliability and validity of planning products through data-driven planning; </li><li>Improve the spatial targeting capability of the department to prioritise public and private sector investment; and </li><li>Assist with <a href="" target="_blank">strategic land identification</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">develop enabling mechanisms</a> to implement the development proposals contained within spatial frameworks across all scales of planning.</li></ul><h4>Urban Design </h4><p>Urban Design is a multi-disciplinary branch with different units – urban design, architecture and landscape architecture – collaborating on a variety of projects and initiatives. Its vision is to improve residents’ everyday lives by facilitating the transformation of the built environment in various communities, especially in previously disadvantaged areas. The branch is responsible for developing policies to improve the quality of urban areas, such as the City’s <a href="" target="_blank">Urban Design Policy</a> and other planning projects. <br></p><h4> Urban Development Implementation </h4><p>This branch provides a specialist contract and project management service to the Spatial Planning and Environment Directorate. Its functions include ensuring that the work of the directorate complies with IDP programmes and corporate policies. It is responsible for project, contract and supply chain management processes linked to the construction of public service-related development projects. This branch also maintains sector-specific norms and standards to ensure compliance and innovation within the legislative delivery system. </p><h4>Urban Sustainability Unit<br></h4><p>This unit's primary role is to ensure that sustainable principles and global resilience strategies are integrated into the planning, design, and implementation of urban development. This is done through consultation services and select project implementation targeting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The unit strives to address the issue of future-proofing our built environment through continuous and comprehensive collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.<br></p><p>The Urban Planning and Design (UPD) Department provides strategic, coordinated and objective guidance and oversight to the growth, planning and development activities of the public and private sector in the form of spatial planning and urban design policies. We also aim to facilitate development by investigating and implementing mechanisms, as well as contribute towards transforming the built environment by working transversally with City departments to implement projects.</p><p> <a href="" target="_blank">View a diagram of the department structure</a>.<br></p><span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link"><div class="list-links">​<a title="title" href="" style="display:inline;">See Cape Town's Spatial Development Framework</a><a title="title" href="">See our district plans</a><a title="title" href="">See local area frameworks, policies and guidelines</a><a href="">See our Spatial Trends Report</a><a href="" target="_blank">See videos about spatial planning and development<i class="icon link-external"></i></a><br></div></li></ul></span> <h4>Access the planning portal<br></h4><p>The planning portal is used for submitting planning applications and accessing planning guidance. On the portal, you can access approved spatial development frameworks, including local plans. The planning guidance assists with decision-making and other important information is also available.</p> <span> <div class="infographic bg-font-adjust-bg">​​​ <div style="width:100px;float:left;margin-bottom:20px;margin-right:40px;"> <img src="" alt="placeholder" class="responsive" /> </div> <figcaption> <p> <span class="infoGraphicSpan"><span style="text-transform:uppercase;"><b>Planning Portal</b></span></span><br></p> <p>Access development frameworks and local plans.<br></p> <a href="" title="title" class="btn dark-blue"><i class="icon download"></i>Access</a></figcaption><br></div></span><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><h4>Office of the Director</h4><p> <em>Telephone: <br><a>021 400 9123</a>​<em><br></em></em></p><h4>Metro Spatial Planning</h4><p><em>Telephone:<br> <a>021 400 9414</a><br><br> Email:<br> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><h4>Urban Development Implementation</h4><h4>Priscilla Brophy </h4><p><em>Telephone:<br> <a>021 400 9549</a><br><br> Email:<br> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><h4>District Planning and Mechanisms</h4><h4>Dilshard Modak</h4><p><em>Telephone:<br> <a>021 400 9411</a><br><br> Email:<br> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><h4>Urban Sustainability Unit</h4><h4>Liezel kruger Fountain</h4><p><em>Telephone:<br> <a>021 4009443</a><br><br> Email:<br> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p>

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