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Housing Consumer Waste Education Programme <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">About the programme</h2> <p>Our programme is aimed at residents who move from informal settlements into formal housing. We present information to the resident before they are given the keys to their new home and cover topics such as keeping your bin clean and the right way to dispose of rubble and other types of waste. To date, we have educated over 4 000 housing beneficiaries within the city.     </p> <p>Learn more about bin usage and separating waste in our useful guidelines below: </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">Refuse Bin Users Guidelines (English/Afrikaans)</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Refuse Bin Users Guidelines (English/isiXhosa) </a></p> <span> <h2 class="sectHeading">Contact us​​​​​​​</h2></span> <p> Find out how to take part in the programme by emailing us: </p> <p> <em>Email: </em> <br> <a href=""> <em></em></a></p> </span>GP0|#0c4ffbbc-e600-48ba-8ad9-aede13ce1ecf;L0|#00c4ffbbc-e600-48ba-8ad9-aede13ce1ecf|Cleaning and recycling;GTSet|#a7cfb90d-44ad-4426-98ce-565f79932396;GPP|#35719d0d-5c98-4384-9af1-e91dc8392e18Learn more about the Housing Consumer Waste Education Programme.0



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Refuse Bin Users Guidelines (English/Xhosa)2560299GP0|#367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033;L0|#0367c7831-4239-4ad6-824a-c4325897c033|Pamphlet;GTSet|#f1e8889f-f7d7-4d5b-a3f5-af0ca2e076ea;GPP|#5340fe0b-73a7-472c-bef7-04e450fb5c4f;GPP|#0972c695-fd19-46c4-ab5d-9601f17b780e2015-03-31T22:00:00Z



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