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Join the SpringCleanCT campaign

Spring is here, and we are calling on you to help us spring clean our beautiful Mother City together!

We are calling on residents, schools, businesses, and community groups to join the #SpringCleanCT campaign. 

Let’s get our city looking sparkling clean and fresh this spring, including our parks, public spaces, beaches, rivers, and roads.

Let’s take pride in our city and show what’s possible when we unite as Team Cape Town.

Change is easy: 

  • First, none of us should ever litter! 
  • Then, each one of us can tell someone to stop littering, or to pick up their litter when we see them doing it. 
  • And each of us can take a few seconds to pick up some litter ourselves. 

Together, we can keep our communities clean and put a stop to illegal dumping. 


​​​​​​​​​​Doing more to clean up​​​​​​​

This spring, we’re putting an additional 300 boots on the ground for cleaning up. Our law enforcement officials will also be stepping up enforcement against illegal dumping and issuing of fines for littering.

Since the launch of our clean-up campaign earlier this year, more than 110 clean-ups have been organised by community organisations and ward councillors.

To everyone who has joined our movement so far - thank you! 

We are just getting started! Join us over the months ahead and let’s #SpringCleanCT

See you out there!

​​​​​​​​​​Let’s #SpringCleanCT together!​​​​​​​

Get involved by organising a clean-up where it matters most to you!

Want to join a clean-up? Get in touch with your subcouncil, local councillor, or check for clean-up groups in your area.

You can also check our SpringClean calendar for September - November 2022



Encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and community to get involved too.

Tag your clean-up with #SpringCleanCT to show your pride in our beautiful Mother City!

Feel free to include us on:

​​​​​​​​​​Report Illegal Dumping​​​​​​

If you see illegal dumping, don’t turn a blind eye. Make a note of the vehicle licence plate number and report them to us. They could be fined up to R5 000, have their vehicle impounded, or face a 2-year prison sentence.

For every fine and conviction, we will offer you a reward from R1 000 up to R5 000:

To notify us about dumping that needs to be cleared, call 0860 103 089.

Let’s Act for a cleaner Cape Town! 

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