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Motor vehicle registration and licensing
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Vehicle licence payments

Online payments: instructions

You can pay your vehicle licence fees online by doing an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your banking website. 

Register for e-Services and activate the Vehicle Licensing service. Select the Motor Vehicle Licensing button at the top of the page and follow the steps to renew your motor vehicle licence. You will immediately receive a unique number (which is issued for our records), followed by an e-mail with the amount due, a reference number and our banking details. This should be sent to you within two working days. Once you have this, you can pay your licence fees by transferring the funds electronically from your banking website. Note: Use the reference number listed on the e-mail on your banking site (not the unique number).  

We will process and post your licence within five working days. Please note that this facility is for the payment of vehicle licences only, and should not be used for the payment of rates, traffic fines and other municipal accounts. 

Postal payments 

Post your renewal notice (an MVL2 form), with a cheque made payable to the City of Cape Town, to the Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Department, PO Box 4552, Cape Town, 8000.

In person payments

To renew your motor vehicle licence in person, please bring your renewal notice (an MVL2 form) to a City MVR office. If you do not have a renewal notice, you will need:

If a person other than the owner is renewing the licence, they will need: 

To renew a vehicle licence for a body of persons, such as a business, trust, church and/or organisation in person, please bring the following to one of our licensing offices:

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