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Councillor details

Councillor details

Chantal Cerfontein

Name Surname


Cell number:
071 121 6148


Business number:
021 850-4129

Joined council
08 October 2012

Subcouncil affiliation

All councillors are assigned to a subcouncil and serve either as elected ward councillors or as proportional representation (PR) councillors who are deployed by their political party.

Subcouncil 8 (Chairperson)

Ward 85

Committee Membership

Councillors serve on various committees of Council and represent the interests of their communities across a broad range of sectors. The various committees make recommendations to Council and its structures regarding important public service and other municipal issues.

Current membership

Combined Workshop of Community Services and Health and Urban Management Portfolio Committees
Rules and Ethics Committee
Rules and Ethics Committee Workshop
Second Special Council
Special Council
Special Council In-Committee
Special Urban Waste Management Portfolio Committee
Urban Waste Management Portfolio Committee
Urban Waste Management Portfolio Committee Tour
Urban Waste Management Portfolio Committee Workshop

Previous membership

Rules Portfolio Committee
29 May 2014 - 02 Aug 2016
Social Development and Early Childhood Development Portfolio Committee
31 Oct 2012 - 02 Aug 2016
Area Based Oversight Committee East (2)
26 Oct 2016 - 12 Dec 2018
Urban Management Portfolio Committee
13 Dec 2018 -

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