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Councillor details

Councillor details

Felicity Purchase (Speaker)

Name Surname


Cell number:
083 629 0829


Business number:
021 4001298 / 021 784 2000

Fax number:
086 576 0188 / 021 784 2039

Joined council
07 December 2000

Subcouncil affiliation

All councillors are assigned to a subcouncil and serve either as elected ward councillors or as proportional representation (PR) councillors who are deployed by their political party.

Subcouncil 19

Proportional Representation

Committee Membership

Councillors serve on various committees of Council and represent the interests of their communities across a broad range of sectors. The various committees make recommendations to Council and its structures regarding important public service and other municipal issues.

Current membership

Council (Speaker)
Council Workshop (Speaker)
Councillor Training (Speaker)
Councillor Training Workshop (Speaker)
Councillor Workshop (Speaker)
DA Workshop (Speaker)
General Appeals Committee (Chairperson)
Good Services and Property Advisory Body (Chairperson)
Governance Executive Management Team Sub Committee (Chairperson)
Grant Projects Review Committee (Chairperson)
Grant Sub Committee (Chairperson)
GV Steering Committee (Chairperson)
Health Amenities and Sport Portfolio Committee (Chairperson)
Health Portfolio Committee (Chairperson)
Health Portfolio Committee Tour (Chairperson)
Health Portfolio Committee Workshop (Chairperson)
Special Council (Speaker)
Special Council In-Committee (Speaker)
Special Disciplinary Committee (Speaker)
Special Economic Development and Tourism Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Economic Opportunities and Asset Management Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Economic Social Development and Tourism Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Energy and Climate Change Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Environmental and Spatial Planning Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Events Committee (Speaker)
Special Executive Committee (Speaker)
Special Finance PC (Speaker)
Special Finance Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special General Appeals Committee (Speaker)
Special Goods Services and Property Advisory Board (Speaker)
Special Health Amenities and Sport Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Health Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Homeless Agency Committee (Speaker)
Special Homeless Agency Cttee (Speaker)
Special Housing Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Human Resources Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Human Settlements PC (Speaker)
Special Human Settlements Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special IDP Portfolio Committee (Speaker)
Special Interim Planning Committee (Speaker)
Special Mayoral Committee (Speaker)
Special Mayoral Committee Executive Management Team (Speaker)
Special Mayoral In Committee (Speaker)
Special Mayor's Advisory Panel (Speaker)
Joint Cabinet and MayCo Meeting
Mayoral Committee
Mayoral In Commttee
Rules and Ethics Committee

Previous membership

Tourism, Events and Marketing Portfolio Committee
22 June 2011 - 02 Aug 2016
Planning Appeals Advisory Panel
21 Nov 2018 - 27 May 2021
Future Planning Infrastructure Planning Committee - Implementation of the MSDF
31 July 2019 - 27 May 2021
General Appeals Committee
27 May 2021 -
Rules and Ethics Committee
27 May 2021 -

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