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Councillor Ward Information Subcouncil
Ernest Theron Proportional Representation Subcouncil 23
Theresa Thompson Proportional Representation
Goawa Timm Lentegeur (Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital And Railway Line. West Of The Farm.South Of The Cape Flats Freeway. East Of The Railway Line, Highlands Street And Eisleben Road. North Of Morgenster Street) - Ikwezi Park (West Of Lente Road, South Of The Railway Line, East Of The Mitchells Plain District Hospital And North Of Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre) - Subcouncil 23
Bridgette Truter Proportional Representation
Lindela Tshwete Proportional Representation Subcouncil 3
Gabriel Twigg Protea Village - Normandie Estate - Bottelary Smallholdings 1 - Brackenfell Industria - Everite Industria - Botfontein Smallholdings (Crammix Bricks) - Ruwari (Bounded by Kruis Road, Kruin Street and Reservoir Street) - Northpine - Scottsdene (North of Eoan Way and La Boheme Avenue) - Protea Heights (West of Keurboom, South of Protea), Protea Village - Brackenfell South (West of Crammix Bricks, South of Vista Park, Silverwood and Oakwoods Sectional Title Schemes including Craystone & Tile, East of Kruis Road and North of, and including, Just Plants Garden Centre) - Subcouncil 2

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