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R20 million grants in aid for organisations supporting the most vulnerable The City offers relief to the vulnerable <p>​The funds will be used for humanitarian aid relief which includes the provision of meals, accommodation and developmental programmes for the next six months and include shelters which provide services to survivors of gender based violence, organisations that provide services to homeless people and early childhood development centres.<br>We signed a memorandum of agreement with the respective organisations to ensure that all parties comply with their roles and responsibilities.</p><span> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" style="width:949px;" /> </figure>The City of Cape Town is committed to ensuring those most at risk are cared for.</span><p>Six shelters (Saartjie Baartman, Pride Shelter, The Safe House, Sisters Incorporated, Ihata Shelter, St. Anne’s Homes ) which provide services to women and children who are survivors of GBV were awarded funding to provide ongoing psycho-social services, outreach and COVID-19 specific support. </p><p>The identified families of children attending Council owned ECD centres will receive a food parcel over the next three months. This food aid also includes support to 1000 artists (crafters and buskers).</p><p>Winter is hard for those living on the street and the shelters ensure that as many street people as possible have access to a warm bed, a hot meal and toiletries. </p><p>The staff at these shelters care for some of the city's most vulnerable residents and the aid we provide will assist with the increased demand during winter.</p><p>The spread of COVID-19 is affecting all spheres of public life and our Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department has aligned its Winter Readiness Programme to that of a Humanitarian Programme with a particular focus on street people and other vulnerable groups.</p><p>The shelter organisations which will receive aid include the Haven Night Shelter Organisation, Oasis reach for your Dream, Ubuntu Circle of Courage, the Tygerberg Association for Street People, the Culemborg Safe Space, the Service Dining Room, The Hope Exchange, and the Cape Flats YMCA, MATDOC NPC at Paint City.</p><p>In addition, existing shelters will be extended by creating additional bed spaces where feasible; and we have begun planning the long-term development of safe spaces</p><p>The City also urges residents to please give responsibly by not giving hand-outs directly to people living on the street which may encourage the refusal of our social services, and instead to donate to organisations and shelters that assist them.<br>Members of the public are encouraged to contact the City’s toll-free number on 0800 872 201 to find out how they can assist.</p><p> </p><p><strong>End</strong></p>2020-07-04T22:00:00Z1
Call for informal traders to register on the City’s databaseThe City has always acknowledged the relevance and contribution of informal trading to the economic and social life of Cape Town.<p>​</p><p>The City has always acknowledged the relevance and contribution of informal trading to the economic and social life of Cape Town.</p><p>While the City continues to make every effort to support this vital sector, it is also important for informal traders to comply with the Informal Trading By-law and other applicable laws, as well as trade as per approved trading plans.</p><p>We are responding to complaints regarding illegal trading and will continue to do so.  </p><p>Urban management compliance officers and community ambassadors are continuously checking the informal trading permits and ensuring that overtrading of bays are adhered to. <br> <br>My plea to illegal informal traders is to please comply and register with the City as this is the most effective way of regularising illegal traders. I believe informal trading plays a vital role in poverty alleviation, income generation and entrepreneurial development in our communities as it enables many households to earn a living  to provide for their families.</p><p>Unemployed individuals are encouraged to apply for an informal trading permit. South African citizens will need to provide their IDs and foreign nationals will need to provide proof of their legal status in South Africa. </p><p>In addition, informal traders are advised that their lockdown trading permits obtained under Alert Level 4 and 5 are still valid for Alert Level 3. Traders with these permits, who have not yet registered with our e-Services Portal / Database, are encouraged to also please consider doing so to ensure they are able to continue earning a living within the confines of the law, once the national lockdown is lifted.</p><p>It’s easy to apply for an informal trading permit by completing the online application on the City’s e-Services website. Please follow these simple steps:  </p><p>1.        Register for the City of Cape Town’s e-Services<br>2.        Activate the informal trading service on e-Services<br>3.        Apply for a trading bay</p><p>For more information and/or queries please contact 021 400 3131 (option 6 for informal trading) – or email <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p>All informal traders are urged to be responsible traders and to trade legally, and  in accordance with the City By-laws and Regulations; and also to report non-compliances to  City Law Enforcement on 0860 765 423. </p><p><br><strong>End</strong><br></p>2020-07-04T22:00:00Z1
Jan Smuts Drive upgrade showing real progress This section of Jan Smuts Drive covers a distance of approximately two kilometres, and is one of the key access routes to the M5 highway and Jakes Gerwel Drive from this area. <p>​</p><span><p>This section of Jan Smuts Drive covers a distance of approximately two kilometres, and is one of the key access routes to the M5 highway and Jakes Gerwel Drive from this area. </p><p>The City has invested  R195 million into the construction work of this 32-month project which commenced in 2018.</p><p>The northbound carriageway of the road has now been completed so motorists are able to use the double carriageway in both the north and south directions.</p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" style="width:802px;" /> </figure></span><span><p>In addition to converting Jan Smuts Drive into a dual carriageway, the City is also upgrading the two busiest intersections: Jan Smuts Drive with Turfhall Road and Jan Smuts Drive with Blomvlei Road; and creating a three metre-wide walking lane on both sides of the road for pedestrians and cyclists with the aim to improve pedestrian movement and safety along this busy route.</p><p>New signage and the installation of street lights along this stretch of road will also be installed.</p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" style="width:802px;" /> </figure></span><span><p>‘Adding capacity to our existing road network remains to be one of our top priorities. I am so encouraged to see the great progress the team has made on Jan Smuts Drive especially since resuming work once the lockdown regulations allowed for it. These additional lanes will provide much relief to the traffic congestion in this area,’ said City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.</p><p>The project team is currently working on the stormwater pipe installation and layer works on both the southbound carriageway and the MyCiTi bus lane. The laying of red concrete on the bus lane is planned to take place in October and the bitumen on the traffic lane scheduled to be done in December 2020. </p><p>Due to the delays caused by the COVID-19 lockdown period, the new projected completion date is March 2021, if all goes as planned. <br></p> <figure class="subtopic-fullsize-img"> <img class="responsive" src="" alt="" style="width:802px;" /> </figure>​​</span><span>​​</span><span>​​</span><p><br>The new BRT lanes along Jan Smuts Drive form part of the incremental roll-out of Phase 2A of the MyCiTi service and will be of benefit to commuters travelling  between the Cape Flats, Wynberg and Claremont area in future.</p><p><br><strong>End</strong><br> <br></p>2020-07-04T22:00:00Z1
Empolweni land invasion undermines 11 000 Enkanini residents and Khayelitsha as a whole Empolweni land invasion undermines 11 000 Enkanini residents and Khayelitsha as a whole <p>​A major bulk water supply project is underway on the illegally invaded land in question.</p><p>‘That site is very crucial for the future of Khayelitsha. If we lose the site, people will complain about inferior services, low water pressure from taps. That is the reason for this supply line to the tune of R162 million,’ said Executive Mayor Alderman Dan Plato.</p><p>The City is currently installing a 6,3km pipeline from Faure to Khayelitsha along Baden Powell Drive. Land invasions are halting this project intended to strengthen bulk water supply to the whole of Khayelitsha. </p><p>‘This will not only impact basic services to 11 000 Enkanini residents, but it is also crucial to the assurance of water and sewerage supply in Khayelitsha as a whole,’ said Mayco Member for Water and Waste, Alderman Xanthea Limberg.</p><p> ‘We can’t build houses without bulk services infrastructure. It will create major problems for the entire Khayelitsha,’ said Riana Pretorious, the City’s Director: Informal Settlements.<br> <br>In terms of a High Court order, the City of Cape Town is permitted to remove any new illegally erected structures on the land in question. This is besides 49 structures which the court allowed to remain on the land in Empolweni temporarily until the matter is heard in full. </p><p>Despite the court order, Law Enforcement has been dealing with near daily land invasion attempts at the property, including on the day of the incident in question.</p><p>‘There has never been an eviction on that site, we are dealing with land invasions. As the local sphere of government, we must act on invasions, it is only evictions that are not permitted. Mr Qolani is not part of the 49 structures as per the court order, his name does not appear there,’ said Mayco Member for Human Settlements, Malusi Booi.<br> <br>Video footage filmed by law enforcement officials shows Mr Bulelani Qolani to have been initially clothed at the time of the operation, and not taking a bath in his structure as reported.</p><p>‘There is a video taken by a Law Enforcement official, precisely so we could have evidence in the case of allegations. And Mr Qolani is visible, clothed, standing outside during the operation to remove five illegal structures. The City really does not tolerate the loss of dignity that occurred. However, footage shows Mr Qolani comes out of the structure naked without any Law Enforcement official near him. He does it independently, holding a piece of paper in his hand,’ said Mayco Member for Safety and Security Alderman JP Smith.<br> <br>Mayor Plato has announced that independent investigators will probe the circumstances around the anti-land invasion operation at Empolweni, Khayelitsha.<br> <br>‘Despite reports that Mr Qolani purposefully undressed in an attempt to prevent the anti-land invasion operation from taking place, I do not condone the undignified and shameful circumstances surrounding this incident. We will await the findings of the independent investigators in this regard. I have asked that this matter be concluded by no later than Friday, 10 July,’ said Mayor Plato.</p>2020-07-03T22:00:00Z1







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