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Subcouncil ward information

Subcouncil ward information

Ward 82

Sheval Arendse

Current ward allocation projects

Indicator Reference Name Amount Status
Capital WC1282511 CCTV Camera - Ward 82 R350,000 In Progress
Capital WC1282507 Tafelsig Clinic - Equipment R20,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282521 Capacity Building Initiatives - Ward 82 R65,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282517 Job Creation - Ward 82 R200,000 In Progress
Capital WC1282550 Library Books & Material - Ward 82 R20,000 In Progress
Capital WC1282508 Library Equipment - Ward 82 R10,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282519 Life Skills Youth Camp - Ward 82 R100,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282550 NW Protective Clothing - Ward 82 R20,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282520 Skills Capacity Building for Youth - W82 R163,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282518 Sports Day Programmes - Ward 82 R32,000 In Progress
Capital WC1282510 Upgrade Park - Mountain Park R330,000 In Progress
Capital WC1282509 Upgrade Park - Stromboli Park R80,000 In Progress
Operating WO1282547 Smoke Alarms - Ward 82 R60,000 In Progress

Ward committee representatives

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