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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 22

Agenda item no

22SUB 10/6/2020 SM



Meeting date

Monday, June 15, 2020



Date closed

Resolution details

Meeting was held on 28 July 2020


Cllr Mzuvukile Nikelo (MN) Sub council Chairperson: Ward 16 Councillor Cllr Jerome Fitz (JF) Ward 17 Councillor Cllr Sharlaine Oerson (SO) PR Councillor Xolisile Qwesha:
COCT Officials:
Roxanne Moses (RM) Sub council Manager: Sub council 22 Shirley Lumkwana (SL) Sub council 22 Gavin Campbell (GC)
Province Officials:
Greg de Villiers (Provincial Department of Human Settlements)
Mzi Projects Officials:
Isqak Morrison, Nashieta Holtman
ASLA Officials:
Francois Siebrits
Apologies: Cllr Heynes & Gerhard Hanekom – Provincial Department of Human Settlements     
Cllr Nikelo - welcomed all present.
  1. Problematic Consultants
  2. Audit of Occupied Houses
  3. Illegal Dumping
Opening Remarks
Cllr Fitz 
  • Undermining by Western Cape Government
  • Audit of all occupied houses & illegal occupation
  • Illegal Dumping Campaign to commence on 31st July,20 in order to eradicate dumping & (distribution of no dumping pamphlet’s)
  • Lack of communication by department of Human Settlements
  • Councillors not invited to project steering committee meetings
  • Confusion created by Consultants
Cllr Nikelo
  • Province regarded as a Senior Spear of Government
  • City’s role was of engagement & persuasion.
Greg de Villiers
  • Provincial Government not working against the City of Cape Town
  • Department battling with complexities i.e. 1½billion developments, responsibility towards existing contractors etc.
  • What constitutes a clean audit? Name of erven, street address & title deed handover to owner if not the resident owner the title deed to be kept @ 27 Wale Street.
  • Department under resourced and therefore not able to police occupancy.
  • Department committed to investigating allegations but requires all relevant information / documentation to accompany such claims.
  • A project steering committee reviews names put forward by consultants and there after allocation to be vetted by consultants.
  • Gerhard Hanekom to mail beneficiaries list –Councillors.
Cllr Nikelo
  • Provincial Government custodians of the project & actions according to structures and therefore, the role of local government was an oversight function.
  • Requested Councillors not to get involved into practical details of the project & further requested all local vendors be registered on COCT database.
Cllr Fitz
  • Under impression that only Mzi Developments were tasked with screening, workshops and administration of applicants.
  • Unaware people were moving into houses at night from other areas processed by a different consultancy company.
  • Councillors were unable to provide answers when questioned by community.
  • Major problems encountered as a result of the (2) two steering committees.
  • Submitted a notice of grievance to the Human Settlements Minister for the application of different sets of criteria’s.
Cllr Nikelo
  • Provincial Government are responsible for sourcing of beneficiaries.
  • Should a steering committee question the very criteria that a provincial government was applying based on a fact that they know of some needy people within an area, was problematic.
  •  Provincial means the department tasked to look after a very big area and if a steering committee want to dispute the information.
  • One can dispute a malpractice but when a policy says we are building this project with percentages sourced from different areas because we are tasked to house these people why should it be disputed?
  • Project started for a purpose when City of Cape Town do oversight we look at the allocation and hold them to task.
Cllr Qwesha
  • In support with Cllr Fitz’s proposal
  • Allegations / complaints against housing officials
  • Plight of elderly disabled couple in (New Beginnings Development) still unresolved –letters to 2 Ministers (to date no response)
Cllr Oerson
  • Possibility of Councillors attending site meetings?
  • Insufficient information at steering committee meetings
  • Councillors not able to feedback effectively on local labour requirements
  • Correct platform to be / include the Contractor & CLO.
Greg De Villiers
  • Councillors welcome to attend progress / technical meetings.
  • Councillors important stakeholders within a steering committee.
  • Issues / Matters to be timeously submitted for agenda discussion.
  • Advised Councillors not to attend technical meetings as it was not the correct platform.
  • Councillors to focus on oversight responsibilities only.
  • Corruption allegations with supporting documentation to be channelled to the steering committee for verification then onward to Greg De Villiers for investigation.
Meeting concluded: 11:16am
Minute taken by: Gavin Campbell

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