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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 17

Agenda item no

17SUB 7/6/2020 SM



Meeting date

Wednesday, June 17, 2020



Date closed

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Resolution details

Ward 48
Cllr Davids reported that he was happy with the expenditure on ward allocation projects for 2019/2020. He requested feedback from the Parks Department regarding Cox Crescent.
Mr Cedras of Recreation and Parks reported that the project was on track and that the savings will be spent. He said that they did experience some delays due to COVID regulations, but must commend his colleague, Mr Lombard, with the expenditures of the projects.
Ward 49
Mr Newman of Strategic Assets, reported that up until the 26 March 2020, the projects were on track. Due to the lockdown regulations, contractors had to stop work. He said that the remaining capital funding will be rolled over to the next financial year. He informed the meeting that the completion of the lights and the sound and evacuation system was due a last payment at the end of June 2020.
Mr Epstein of Water and Sanitation: Scientific Services reported that the lab equipment had an allocation of R3.9m and 100% was spent. He said that the final payment made for the Lab Extension and that 97.5% of the budget was spent.
Mr Moodley of Water and Sanitation stated that the Water Plants are currently upgraded and that R23m has been spent already. He said that the contractor has been appointed for the 1st grade of the upgrade and that the 2nd process was in place. He said that the projects are on track and that there is enough float to complete the projects.
Mr September of Libraries reported that the amounts for the books has been fully committed. He liaised with the supplier and delivery will take place next week. He also said that he got permission to spend the R7240 savings, so that will also be committed.
Cllr R Adams pointed out the NHW equipment was still a problem and requested that this matter be looked into as no official is present to report back on this.
Ward 60
Mr Doubell of Transport reported on the IRT Project and pointed out that the Contractor commenced work on the South Bound Carriageways in January 2020. He said that some complaints have been received on the security risks, but could not see the need for the complaints as the work that should have been done, was done. He said that it would help if they do correct photographs and comments to explain better to people what is happening.
Cllr Kleinschmidt responded that it was important that people understand the terms used and the work done. He agreed that pictures with comments would help the people understand better with terms such as retention.
Cllr Kleinschmidt wanted to know whether the Parks Department can install a high mast light at Lotus Road Park. He said that it would make the park safer as it was in complete darkness and was a security risk.
Mr Cedras told the meeting that lighting for a park is the responsibility of the Electricity Department is responsible for that. He informed the meeting he requested that Electricity put it on their budget and that he would find out with Keanan Moses of Electricity whether it is on their budget.
Cllr R Adams commended Mr Cedras and his team for their excellent assistance with the clean-up of Kromboom Park during COVID lockdown as the park was a mess due to dumping.
Cllr Y Adams wanted to know what preventative measures can be put in place to prevent dumping as the City cannot clean up after people every time. He said that Law Enforcement could do random site inspections.
Ald Cavanagh concurred with Cllr Y Adams and felt that Law Enforcement should to unannounced checks and that the City should try every effort to protect its assets.
Mr Cedras thanked the Cllrs for their appreciation and comments and pointed out that Fridays is clean-up day up until 15:30 and then Mondays are used to unload the trucks. He said that two days are wasted on cleaning up after people.
The content of the Progressive Capital Expenditure Report: May 2020 be NOTED.
Action: Mrs Karen Fourie

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