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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 4

Agenda item no

04SUB 39/6/2020



Meeting date

Thursday, June 18, 2020



Date closed

Resolution details

  1. That the Winter Readiness Programme 2020 BE NOTED.
  2. That the Department PRESENT a report to the Subcouncil at the next Subcouncil meeting detailing the following:
  • The reactive and proactive measures taken within the Subcouncil 4 service delivery boundary in the 19/20 financial year;
  • The total budget spent on maintenance within the 19/20 financial year within Subcouncil 4;
  • The tendered proactive measures to be taken in the 20/21 within Subcouncil 4;
  • The Transport Portfolio Committee be informed of the historical reality faced in the greater Elsies River area within Subcouncil 4, taking in consideration that the underground infrastructure is not able to manage the capacity as a result of the current population growth;
  • Subcouncil 4 requests that the Transport Portfolio Committee investigates and consider the upgrading of the underground infrastructure within the Subcouncil 4 service delivery area;
  • That SLAs between line departments be investigated and a report be submitted to Subcouncil 4 on the short comings within those SLAs; and
  • That the SLAs between departments be investigated and be reported to the Subcouncil on the findings.

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