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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 16

Agenda item no

16SUB 14/5/2019


PROPOSED LEASE OF CITY LAND,BEING A PORTION OF ERF 148 CLIFTON,OFF AVENUE ST LEON,CLIFTON FOR ACCESS AND PARKING PURPOSES: SIR CLAUDE HANKES KCVO Note: This item was deferred on 18 March 2019 for an on-site inspection on 11 April 2019. Interview:11:00-11:30 Applicant: Mr Willem Buhrmann Objector: Mr Ryan Tutt

Meeting date

Monday, May 20, 2019



Date closed

Friday, May 31, 2019

Resolution details

UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the following important documents be included with this report when it serves before IPAC:

  1. The written submission by the objector to Subcouncil 16 on 20 May  2019
  2. Heritage Western Cape comment be obtained and included
  3. A legal opinion as to the application be obtained and included
  4. The valuation of the property be verified
  5. A copy of the initial lease agreement must be included
  6. All documents related to the initial month-to-month lease, including a transactions record, to be included.
UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED to RECOMMEND that the lease of City Land, being a portion of Erf 148 Clifton situated off Avenue St Leon, Clifton, shown hatched on the sketch STC 2462v1 marked annexure A, attached to the report, in extent approximately 596 m², to Sir Claude Hankes KCVO, owner of Erf 28 Bantry Bay or his successors in title, BE APPROVED subject to inter alia the following conditions, that:
  1. a market rental of R7 500 per month inclusive of rates and excluding VAT calculated at the rate applicable at the time of transaction be payable.  The monthly rental is to be adjusted on the basis of 8% per annum compounded annually, commencing 2 months after date of valuation.  Accordingly the above recommended rental is effective and payable as from 2017-03-01.  The rental will be reviewed after five years;
  1. The rental will escalate at 8% per annum;
  1. The lease will endure for a period of ten years;
  1. The property be used for access and parking purposes only;
  1. Subject to such further conditions to be imposed by the Director:  Property Management in terms of her delegated authority;
  1. Subject to compliance with any other statutory requirements;
  1. No compensation will be payable for any improvement made to the property;
  1. The objections are not upheld. 
  1. No further construction or extension of parking area takes place
Access to the garage be linked to the lease.

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