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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 7

Agenda item no

07SUB 36/5/2019



Meeting date

Monday, May 20, 2019



Date closed

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Resolution details

That the traffic calming request(s) received for the period March and April 2019 BE NOTED and technical assessments be approved as follows:
1    Ward 103: cnr Leiden & Apeldoorn and cnr Alkmaar & Apeldoorn Uitzicht Estate, Uitzicht (TNDN2378)(Request traffic calming measures)
CONDITIONALLY SUPPORTED on the following basis :

  •        This is a gated community and mostly used by residents within the complex
  •        The speedhumps were erected by the HOA prior to the new Traffic Calming Policy being adopted in January 2016
  •        The current non-compliant speedhumps need to be replaced with speedhumps which are compliant with the specifications of the Transport Directorate, this being the City’s road infrastructure
2    Ward 105: Anderson Street, Joostenbergvlakte (TNDN2376):  Traffic calming measures requested, illegal business (LU Enforcement) as well as dust nuisance (referred to Health)
BE DEFERRED for a report from the Health Department and Transport Directorate respectively on the changes to the stop street at the corner of Anderson West and Anderson South and the issue of dust nuisance.
3    Ward 103: Dundee Road, Uitzicht (TNDN0650):  Additional speed hump requested in the vicinity of Jankel Close entry road, off Dundee
NOT BE SUPPORTED as there are no public facilities in the vicinity, however, improved signage and roadmarking BE IMPLEMENTED, i.e a centre line for control in addressing the reversing and sideswipes accidents.
4    Ward 105: Request for speed camera(s) along Boland Road, VierlandenSpeed cameras were requested for placement along Boland Road, Vierlanden and a subsequent request for stop street at Boland and de Keur was received from Cllr Beneke:
  1. That the request for the placement of speed camera(s) along Boland Road, Vierlanden be REFERRED to the Camera Review Committee for investigation;
  1. That the implementation of a stop street at Boland Rd and De Keur Rd BE INVESTIGATED.
5    Ward 105: Protea Road, Durbanville (TNDN2380)Request for traffic calming requested from La Gratitude Retirement Village
NOT SUPPORTED due to there not being any schools or public facilities which may attract significant volumes of vulnerable pedestrian activity in this area.

6    Ward 21:  Two requests were received iro Ibis Street, Sonstraal Heights, one for Ibis Street (Ref No: TNDN2396) received from Francois Kriel (2x speed humps) and one from Ms Hannelie Strydom for Ibis and Mariete Close, Sonstraal Heights (TNDN2379) (raised intersection)
NOT BE SUPPORTED for reasons as set out below:
  • The City of Cape Town Traffic Calming Policy (2016) aims to protect the most vulnerable road users, where they occur in the largest numbers on Class 4 Collector Streets and Class 5 Local Streets within residential areas and in the vicinity of public facilities.
  • Vulnerable road users can be considered road users whom are unable to reasonably understand the potential risks within a road environment, such as school children.
  • Roads adjacent to and leading to schools are therefore the primary focus over the next few years.
Based on the assessment there are no schools or public facilities which may attract significant volumes of vulnerable pedestrian activity and therefore traffic calming cannot be considered by TND at this point in time along these roads. 
Reasoning for decision:
  • This road only carries local traffic.
  • There are no pedestrian desire lines or pedestrian routes,
7    Ward 105: Van der Westhuizen Avenue between Louw and Lindenberg Streets, Valmary Park  (TNDN2395)  - Request received for traffic calming.
That traffic calming measures NOT BE SUPPORTED for reasons as set out below, HOWEVER, road marking iro one (1x) RTM4 zebra crossing be painted along van der Westhuizen Street and the cost be borne by the line department. .
  • No additional traffic calming measures are required at this point in time,
  • One RTM4 zebra crossing should be painted along van der Westhuizen Street (Note:  Cost to be borne by the line department).
8    Ward 112: Belvedere Road and Vissershok Street, Durbanville (both directions) (TNDN 2395) - Request 3-way stop on Vissershok / Belvedere Street, Durbanville.
That the matter BE DEFERRED for a TRAFFIC COUNT to be conducted at the intersection of Belvedere and Vissershok Road, Durbanville (both directions) and an assessment being provided to the next Subcouncil Meeting.
ACTION:         ELMALEEN DU PLESSIS / SIPHELELE MEHLO                       

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