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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 11

Agenda item no

11SUB 8/2/2019



Meeting date

Wednesday, February 20, 2019



Date closed

Monday, March 11, 2019

Resolution details

Mrs Gogela informed the Subcouncil members that the purpose of the report is to provide feedback on the progress the Urban Management Directorate Central (AED) made in response to the challenges presenting in Gatesville Central Business district.• Establishment of integrated task team chaired by Councillor Adv. Antonio van der Rheede was established October 2018• The key objective of the task team is to ensure better traction on the challenges and to develop an integrated plan with budgets to address the challenges of Gatesville.• The task team elected a sub-technical task team led by AED to plan and priorities the following issues• Re-visioning of public open spaces• Urban place making• Resolving traffic congestion issues• Social and economic dimensions as well as precinct management.• It is envisaged that the outcomes from the task team will inform the review of the informal trading plan for Gatesville area.• The Urban Management Directorate Department Area Central (AED) is currently working with City Officials from Urban Planning, Integrated Transport and traffic engineering consultants to draft various options on how the public open space can be reconfigured, the options will be presented to the Task team meeting for inputs and comments in March 2019.• Stakeholder engagements, the branch spent two days at Gatesville library and invited all traders to update their details on the Informal Trading e-Permitting System (ITPS)• Debt Management is ongoing operation to clean up areas and to bring trader accounts up to date. AED has valid contact details of traders for debt management purposes.Planned interventions for period January to June 2019• Continue active participation in the Task Team to revitalize Gatesville CBD.• Secure service of a Service Provider to provide options to reduce traffic and pedestrian congestion on peak trading days.• Host Micro Enterprise Support and Development workshops in third and fourth quarter.• Facilitate a Leadership Development Training for Informal Trading leadership• Appoint Auxiliary Law Enforcement and Compliance Officers• Other services consulted Integrated Transport Portfolio Tim de Villiers, Integrated Urban Management Charles Rudman and Law Enforcement Vincent ForwardCouncillors made the following comments• Cllr Cassiem report duly noted and thanks for the task team and further requested time frame of review trading plan, Involvement of the Subcouncil, Ward Councillor and Ward Committee is criucial.• Cllr Antonio van der Rheede requested that AED not to work in isolation of the Subcouncil but work together with the Subcouncil. He emphasized that the Subcouncil identify the needs and exercise delegated authority. • AED to come up with an operational plan for Hanover Park Market.• He informed members ACT meetings to start again together with MURP.RESOLVEDThe Subcouncil NOTED the report and added comments• Time frame of review trading plan for Gatesville CBD be submitted to the Subcouncil,• Involvement of the Subcouncil, Ward Councillor and Ward Committee members.• AED come up with an operational plan for Hanover Park MarketAction: Y Gogela/Z Lalendle

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