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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 11

Agenda item no

11SUB 4/2/2019



Meeting date

Wednesday, February 20, 2019



Date closed

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Resolution details

The Subcouncil Manager informed the members that the following matters arising were actioned by the Subcouncil as follows: • Heideveld ECD Construction project meeting did take place with Cllr Moses and Line Officials, Progress report will be submitted in March Subcouncil meeting.• Gatesville CBD progress report has been received item 11SUB8022019 in the agenda.• Recreation and Parks report deferred is back in agenda item 11 SUB12022019• Challenges with expiry of term tender for fencing for City Parks Department escalated to Director WSE Solomons-Johannes and ED Bevan van Schoor for intervention. The matter is impacting negatively on Ward Allocation spending of Subcouncil in the current financial year as a result Subcouncil is one of the lowest performing Subcouncil in terms of Ward Allocation expenditure. The directly affected Wards are wards 44 and 46 and relevant Ward Councillors have continuous engagements with Project Managers. It is a real threat to the expenditure pattern of the Subcouncil.• Subcouncil members visited the Fire station at Fezeka Gugulethu. Cllr Antonio van der Rheede personally thanked and encouraged Fire & Safety personnel for reporting for duty while having to work under extreme volatile conditions. Politicians pledged their support to City staff but committed as well that staff must take care of themselves and do not subject their lives to danger.• Subcouncil 11 Manager to organize joint meeting with SC13/14, Ramaphosa leadership, Ward Councillors and Fire & Rescue Officials.• Fire awareness drive @ Ramaphosa Informal Settlement• Other Fire Awareness within SC11The Fire & Rescue staff thanked the Subcouncil members and appreciate sentiment for coming out and talking about amicable solutions.• LLA Jumbo Cash & Carry Liquor store letter was hand delivered to Station Commander SAPS Philippi highlighting contravention on requested action. Subcouncil report was forwarded to the office of Director Central for further processing.• Cllr Antonio van der Rheede asked the Subcouncil to find out if report was submitted to the Liquor Board. Cllr Antonio van der Rheede said the City Manager has given sub delegated power to Subcouncil and Councillors take delegations seriously.• Cllr Achmat said if the appeals body digress from the decision of the Subcouncil they will be held accountable. Subcouncil did not support the LLA. The business was selling liquor illegally and the DLO has failed to act against the applicant.• Cllr Moses requested that Subcouncil write to the Police Ombudsman requesting why SAPS DLO office did not take action against the applicant. Law Enforcement to issue contravention certificate as well.• The Subcouncil Manager informed the members that the Subcouncil will follow up with the office of Station Commander, request feedback first before engaging with other Authorities.RESOLVEDThe Subcouncil NOTED the information:Action: K Nombakuse;A Moses

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