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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 11

Agenda item no

11SUB 17/2/2019



Meeting date

Wednesday, February 20, 2019



Date closed

Monday, March 11, 2019

Resolution details

The Subcouncil Manager informed the members of the current status of both Capital and Operating Ward Allocation projects’ expenditure as reflected on PCER. Responsible Line department officials also commented on various projects.• Ward Councillor requested a detailed status report on Ward 40 Capital Project: CPX.0011575 - F2 to be tabled in March SC Meeting scheduled for 20 March 2019. • The status report should include but not limited implementation timeframes/schedule; potential opportunities for the under R 30k local contractors; EPWP employment opportunities; financial notes and any other information relevant for the Subcouncil.• CPX,001157-F2 Upgrade Vuyani Clinic for Diabetic Service-Awaiting tender 30C to be approved in March 2019 in order to appoint a full professional design team. Meeting has been scheduled with Line department officials and report to serve at next Subcouncil meeting.• All Capacity Building events virtually spend 100%, some journals in progress.• CPX.0010810-F1 –Purchase Equipment-Order for power cables to be placed with remaining funds.• CPX.0013494-F1-Recreational Equipment-Meeting to be held with stakeholders to discuss project scope and implementation has been scheduled by the Director Central.• CPX.0015151-F1-Sporting Equipment-Specification Finalised orders placed.• Ms C Stegmann informed members of the warranty of items process referring to the speaker that blew and the faulty fan. Asset management policy states that insured items claim must be reported within 21 days. • Members were informed that SCM has strict procurement process guidelines 90 days from generating purchase requisition to receiving a purchase order. Cllr Antonio van der Rheede to take up the matter politically and raise at portfolio meeting.• Cllr Nqavashe said Project Managers must be given enough time to procure items in order to curb delays that frustrate service delivery.• Ms Stegmann said that she will be meeting with SCM and looking at local manufactured items i.e. coated fencing.Councillors raised the following requests when doing site visit to various parksHouhoek Park Manenberg Ward 46:• More lighting in park extra 4 lights.• Low seating walls• Netball pitch,5 a side soccer pitch and basketball pitch Flex Fibre• Vagrancy Problem• Backyaders hang their washing in the park.• Vandalism of equipment by gangs• Park warden to be employed• Application for USDG Funding to upgrade park• Co-ordinate an ownership Park committee of surrounding ownersElbe Park Manenberg Ward 46• Flex Fibre pitch cracks to be repaired• Maintenance grass need to be cut• Graffiti to be removed from walls• Signage to be installed Park Name, entrance /exit, enter at own risk.• Plague when park was opened and name of Councillor. e.g. (Cllr Aslam Cassiem)• General maintenance of hall e.g. painting• irrigation system e.g. borehole, water truck to water grassSurran Park Ward 47• Tree damage• Berm not the same height• Sprinkler damaged• Tractor drove across the grass damaging it• Fence to be repaired• Borehole, Truck water for irrigation of grass and trees• Application for USDG funding.The Subcouncil also submitted a list of ward needs for Adjustment budget for service delivery grass cutting, tree pruning street cleaning, illegal dumping, signage and overgrown areas in Subcouncil 11 wards to the Urban Management Central and Parks Line Officials.RESOLVED The Subcouncil members NOTED the information .Action: S Adams, T Bidla, K Nombakuse, C Stegmann,J Cedras, B Cook

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