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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 23

Agenda item no

23SUB 6/6/2020 SM



Meeting date

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


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Date closed

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Resolution details

Good morning Councillors, Sub-council manager, Mr. Raphael Martin, Sub-council Staff, Members.

Welcome to the June Subcouncil meeting.


We are all unprecedented times and our focus has been shifted due to Covid-19. Thank you very much to all Councilors for your involvement during the last couple of months in trying to spread the word.
We’ve heard about the passing of Cllr Goawa Timm’s mother, as well as many others who have succumbed due to this virus. There were also many people who passed away due to gender based violence.

I would like to therefore call for a moment of silence for all this who lost their lives.


Cllr’s, as you know we are now in level 3 and the level 3 regulations have kicked in; Covid-19 is a reality. As Councilors we have a role to play in continuing to spread the word as people need to take this pandemic very serious and remind people to adhere to social distancing and if to practice staying at home.


Yesterday we celebrated Youth day. Forty-four years ago there was a fight against the apartheid regime, and today, 44 years later, we find ourselves fighting against gangsterism and drugs, gender based violence as well as Covid-19. I am however positive that we will get through this if we all play our part in society.

Last month we had a special Subcouncil meeting where Ward Councilors could reallocate their Ward allocation savings to assist with the fighting of Covid-19 and the effects thereof. As we know, a lot of people did not get paid during this time, and I want to thank the councilors who could reallocate their savings to deal with that. There was only 1 ward in the Subcouncil 23, ward 75, which did not have savings. Cllr Woodman however still did her best in assisting the community by working with NGO’s and making food parcels from her own pocket. I would like to thank her for her assistance. We have requested for assistance for ward 75 from the mayor’s office, MURP funding, and also address it with Alderman Twigg, and I am hopeful that we will receive assistance.

We know that Covid-19 is going to be with us for a long time, and we need to think out of the box and look at how we can bring food relief as well as some education. Even if this means that we need to readjust our ward allocations

Community based teams

Urban Management is in the process of forming community based teams which will consist of EPWP workers, different departments including Health. The Subcouncil manager will be driving it. In order for us to manage Covid-19 the best way possible. To alert the authorities where we pick up hotspots as well as to educate people. The Subcouncil manager will be able to give us an update when we get to that item on the agenda. 5.14

Cape Town dam levels increase

Our dam levels increased with 3.6%. We also note that the water consumptions for the period 8 June to 14 June have decreased to 650 ml per day, for 659 ml the previous week, which is a good sign. Our dam levels are currently at 58.2% and the prediction is that it will go over 60 %.

Let’s continue to pray and do our part in that regard.

Thank You!

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