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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 11

Agenda item no

11SUB 5/9/2020



Meeting date

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


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Date closed

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Resolution details


Good day colleagues and officials.

Welcome to the September Subcouncil meeting. I would like to start on a positive note and celebrate the ushering in of spring. Even more so the fact that our dams are full to capacity. Please be reminded that water saving efforts should continue as the levels will swiftly drop in the upcoming warmer months.

Again I wish to commend the Councillors who have been keeping the much needed feeding operations going across Sub Council 11.

Thankfully the Covid 19 numbers of new infections are dropping and the recovery rate is on the rise. Again I urge us all to take the necessary precautions by social distancing, sanitizing and wearing of masks to prevent a second wave of this pandemic.


Ward 40

• Last month 30 households received their keys to new housing opportunities. Cllr Bongani is happy to announce that on the 7th of this month another 10 families from the Kanana Informal Settlement were awarded new houses.
• Vuyani Clinic Project: Subcouncil gave mandate to Health department officials to schedule meeting with the family of Dorothy Nomazotsho Zihlangu, Cllr Ngcombolo, Ald. Antonio van der Rheede and Subcouncil Manager Ms Kayise Nombakuse at Fezeka chambers. The proposed extension plan for the facility was discussed with the family and request to give City of Cape Town access to land that will serve the needs of the greater community. The family did not object to the City’s proposal informed the members that they have an NGO that fit with the objectives and programs of Health Department and requested the need of kitchen and hall. The family also recommended to have a name change that will be copy right because name is being abused by organisations. Ald. Antonio van der Rheede thanked Cllr Ngcombolo and Ms Nombakuse for their role played in pushing this project forward.

Ward 44

• 5 Career opportunities were created by the College of Cape Town
• Extensive Hostel maintenance took place.
• Various health and awareness programs took place across the ward.
• The YMCA and NBHW is assisting with the distribution and delivery of medication to patients in the Silvertown and Bridgetown areas.

Ward 46

• A food distribution program started in Manenberg.
• The women in the ward were treated to a Women’s Day event.

Ward 47

• I have raised concern with Subcouncil about the relocation of Housing office services from the CBD to furthest corner of Lansdowne road. The housing office is standing vacant for the past year. I have laid formal complaints with the speaker’s office of fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the housing building standing vacant for the past year and for the payment of 24hr security. The service were taken away from the poorest community without vi process. Ald. Antonio van der Rheede said the City Manager and officials have misrepresented the full Council that these leases or due process was followed before the leases was awarded
• In my ward Pelican Court was affected by a fire on the 11th of this month. While Disaster Risk and the fire department did their bit the fact that Housing Office is still not open badly affected the residents who needed assistance. My office is still liaising with different departments to ensure the residents are catered for.
• As this is Arbour month trees have been planted by parks and more will be planted next week by Sport and Recreation Department.
• New streetlights were installed along Hanover Park Avenue.
• Appeal to have memorialization and a plaque to be set up for people who served the community during the Covid19
• I had a site meeting with Mr Neil Williams of Human Settlement department and Cllr Cassiem and was informed that Pooke se Bos should go out for tender anticipated June 2021. Similar project in Hanover Park anticipated August / September 2021. Ald. Antonio van der Rheede advocated for a booklet to be compiled comprising of success stories about endeavors over the 5 years. He said it will be a legacy project and the book will be placed in the libraries as tool for the community.

Councillors made the following comments

Cllr Cassiem informed the members that a fire gutted 12 shack been to Pooke se Bos last night had to take child to Red Cross Hospital. Dozen families have been displaced by fire and all assistance been received by the community

Cllr Ngcombolo Zihlangu family was excited all these years have never been consulted. The name Vuyani is one of the siblings. He said he will meet with cllr Nqavashe. The ward is currently facing challenges regarding families that were relocated to forest village and due to slow process people are frustrated and are slowly occupying the vacant spaces in the area.

Cllr Achmat in your report dams are 98% full capacity when are the water tariffs coming down. The SC Chairperson suggested the question be posed at Council as he does not have the answer to the questions posed.

Cllr Moses suggest that not become part of the minute because was not part of chairperson speech, have discussion offline. In closing please adhere to the new normal we are now subjected to. Be wise and sanitize. Thank You.

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