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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 17

Agenda item no

17SUB 5/6/2020 SM



Meeting date

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


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Date closed

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Resolution details


1. Securing of the river banks at the Vygieskraal River (17SUB15/1/2017)

Mr Parker of Catchment and Stormwater, reported that very limited work was done on this project in the 2019/20 financial work. He said that his department have a plan for Vygieskraal River banks for the new financial year and will forward it to the SC once it has been finalised.


Mr Parker will forward the new plan for Vygieskraal riverbanks to the SC once it has been finalised.

ACTION: Mr A Parker

2. Motion: Implementation of the bridge over Vygieskraal River at Statice Heights (17SUB18/1/2017)

Ms Liebenberg reported that a new consultant has been appointed and should be on site by the end of August.

3. Subcouncil Building (17SUB18/2/2017)

Ms Liebenberg informed the meeting that the proposal for the building has been submitted for the inclusion of the 2020/21 budget.

Cllr R Adams requested that priority be given to the outside lights of Dulcie September Civic Centre as there have been a few burglaries due to poor lighting.

4. Disposal Induland Park Erf 62859, Hanover Park (17SUB12/10/2017)

Ms Liebenberg stated that she did not get any feedback on this item, but that she would follow up on this matter.

5. Vygieskraal Informal Settlement: Proposed Development (17SUB15/1/2018)

Cllr Davids said that he was troubled with the relocation process as people were living in uncomfortable situation, especially with the severe weather conditions.

Ms Liebenberg said that although the ward councilor followed up with the ED and Director of Housing: Informal Settlement, there was no feedback. She said that she will follow up on this matter.

6. Motion: Lansdowne Station Precinct: cleaning and rehabilitation through transversal approach by all Directorates

Ms Liebenberg told the meeting that the security services at this facility will come to an end at the end of June as the MURP Project Funding ends on the
31 June 2020.

Cllr Kleinschmidt said that the MAYCO member must find alternate space for the people at the Lansdowne Precinct. He said that should COVID 19 hit there, it would be disastrous for the City and the people.

Cllr R Adams stated that he is a member on the HOMAC Portfolio and said that he would be happy to raise this matter there. He said that he would submit a motion to place this matter on the agenda.

Cllr Kleinschmidt agreed that Cllr R Adams take this matter forward as he serve on the committee.


Cllr R Adams submit a motion to the HOMAC Portfolio on the rehabilitation of the street people at the precinct.

7. MURP Projects

Ms Liebenberg reported that Mrs Powell of Informal Settlement and her team has done a sterling job with the MURP Projects. She said that she was in the process of preparing a detailed report for the Subcouncil.

Cllr R Adams stated that he was not happy with the work being done at Kannabas Close by the contractor. He pointed out that the security appointed for the area drive in and out very quickly and people of the area reported that they not visible at all. He said that the SC need to check with Byers Security what their schedule / program was to patrol the area.

Cllr Kleinschmidt wanted to know what areas in Ward 49 are hotspots for the COVID 19 pandemic.

Cllr R Adams responded that according to the statistics he received, Bridgetown and Silvertown are the hotspots.

Ms Liebenberg requested permission from the meeting to add an item to the MRA list named: COVID 19 HOTSPOTS FEEDBACK as MRA No.8. She said that task teams have been established to give feedback to the SC Manager on hotspots in the SC area. The SC Manager would then collate a report twice a week and on a monthly basis report back to the SC on the statics of COVID 19 hotspots in the area.

Cllr Kleinschmidt said that the City want to be inclusive and that the COVID teams will play a supporting role for the Cllrs who will also give feedback on the matter. The house was in agreement with this request.


• The SC Manager will submit a detailed report to the SC on the MURP Projects for 2019/20.
• The SC Administration will add another item on the MRA list for monitoring and report back purposes: COVID 19 HOTSPOTS FEEDBACK

ACTION: Ms C Liebenberg

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